The anonymous lover -_-

Well u might see my discussion so stupid to be written, but since I'm person who does not like taking about her feelings to anyone, I thought writing might do the job. I'm just so curious about this anonymous guy.

Let me make the long story short,
I have cousin, she is married to man of a big faimly, anyway we are on touch with each other since she is in my country (I'm not). But couple of days ago, she called me. I answered but it wasn't her! It was a guy, i asked him "who are u" but he ignored my question and asked "who are u?" He claimed that i send him a message and that's why he called me. I thought that he might be right, but still the phone is my cusions so I asked him "isn't that (my cousins name) phone??" He said yes and I thought he is her husband, I told him if I can talk to her but he said he was out of home so I was like "oh okay, I'm sorry" and just hang up the phone.
Immediately after I hanged up, he send me a message that says "I love you" the first thought came to me that it was her husband, I swear I felt my heart sink, when my mind told me that her husband is such a playboy :|
(I have send her a lot of pictures too, so.....>)

"Excuse me?" This what I replied and he repeated "I love u to death" (in my language, in english it sounds weird)
"Who are you?" I asked, but he kept ignoring me and just sending romantic words
I was soooooooo afraid that it might be her husband -_-

I asked her sister about her, she said that she haven't talked to her in the past two days. I asked if someone took her phone or if she gives it to anyone and she said yes, she let her sisters in law use it.
And I felt relieved because it could be one of her single brother in law? yet I have no true answer to "who is that guy?????"
I'm eating myself up, he never text me back and she never did as well. So annoyed that he kept him self anonymous T-T
I'm such a curious kid...well, teenager I guess >

I told u it's just a stupid story, you can friend request me if u like hearing about my lame stories because there is a lot ;)
11 months ago
@Anthurium Really! I thought it will sound trivial to others when I was writing it ><
11 months ago
@Flawless-94 Ahh I understand; that seems likely!
11 months ago
@-roselynn- She have 2 single brothers in law, it might be one of them!
That's what I have been telling myself.
11 months ago
This could be a full length fanfic. The story is interesting enough.
11 months ago
If you're not sure it's the husband, could it be another relative? Or maybe it was a friend who took her phone, saw your pictures, and decided to call you? This sounds kind of fishy to me...