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I'm here!

By s_jungyerin posted
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GFRIEND (여자친구) - FINGERTIP | Sparkle Animation

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Key, Wendy, Yerin, and more featured for the 5th lineup for 'Master Key'!

By KPOPfan619 posted
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Get Well Soon BeagleRin,,,/3

By GabaOMG02 posted
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The truth behind #EXO Kai’s comment regarding #Gfriend Yerin’s love whisper choreography

By TheDiamondMaiden posted
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EXO's Kai coldly responds to Yerin's complaints about G-Friend's difficult choreography

By KPOPfan619 posted
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Sunmi, Lizzy, Taemin, Kai, and more to appear on this week's 'Star Golden Bell' special of 'Happy Together'

By KPOPfan619 posted
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G-Friend say their role model is Girls' Generation

By KPOPfan619 posted
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G-Friend bring laughter while dancing to EXO, Big Bang, EXID, BTS, and more on 'Weekly Idol'

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G-Friend's Yerin to join Super Junior's Zhoumi as 'The Show' hosts

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I became a Gfriend fan!!

By -jeonjungkook posted
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Yerin with the high jump

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G-Friend Dance Practice Video

By jungXkaye posted
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Min's Full perform on 100 ~ & Infinite : Last Romeo & 15&

By 4everhite posted
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☆ ▬ let me love this kid down.

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