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A New Story~

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Min Yoongi Appreciation Bc His Appeal So Underrated

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So Far Away (Suga Ft. Jin, Jungkook) English Cover

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My first BTS story

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If I Get Drunk Today? aka WINE. aka i'm going to get drunk listening to this for the rest of my life.

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bts dance cover!

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Still writing. Havent disappeared hahaha

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Bangtan Baby Names??

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Bts mpreg fanfic (Jikook, Namjin, Vhope)

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Against All Odds (Suga & OC) - Part 2

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Happy Birthday to Taeyeon and Sugaaaa~ + new cover 3

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Amidst All Odds - Suga fic

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BUM NAL- aka Spring Day MV description

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Even If You Lack The Words: Taekook Short Series

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Bangtan Fangoods?

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Namjin one shot- Mommy, how did you met daddy?

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