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My SM auditions

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Should I?

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Audition in S.Korea?

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NCT Rant [New Culture Technology]

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SM plans to debut anew All-Chinese kpop group?

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I'm so mad at SM Entrolltainment

By KrisWufanWifey posted

Taeyeon's Depression?

By Laulau95 posted

thinking about EXO again

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SM Audition in Jakarta 2015 Experience

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SM needs to back the off: Rant

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How suited are you to be in SM Entertainment -.-

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SM's New Male Solo Artist

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How Suited Are You To Be In S.M Entertainment?

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Tao & The Mysterious Woman + Rant

By Aerxia posted

I'm done with all of this EXO drama

By CloudieSky27 posted

Bad luck

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SM Entertainment's Financial Problems

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EXO is not EXO

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Luhan left SM Entertainment....

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