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To An Old Friend

By bebopchan posted
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Feeling Nostalgic

By unicorngirl7 posted
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By Priyanjana18 posted
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original bias group

By B1A4_MadHatter posted
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just gonna leave this here lol

By senshineah posted
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am i back? ;

By jwhong005 posted
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I missed these idiots

By Kara-Melodie posted
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I feel nostalgic

By RoyalCygnus posted
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Nostalgia ~ Ulzzang Contest

By shhdesu posted
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My previous music :D

By bibgyeom posted
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I almost cried when I heard VIXX sing DBSK's Hug. I haven't heard this song in a long time. It was nice hearing it. (┳Д┳) ❤

By hiddenrose posted
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Dat Nostalgia

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I really like this lovely cover of Utada Hikaru's 'First Love.' She sang it so well. Her voice is pretty too hehe. xD

By hiddenrose posted
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Nostalgia 101

By myungilkyung posted
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Have I made the wrong decision?

By DBSKTaki posted

Help I'm a fish

By MrBasement posted
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My Short J-pop Playlist [I don't want to give a long list or else this list will never end haha xD]

By hiddenrose posted
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My short 2000-2003 K-POP Playlist hehe. I'm too lazy to post the vids & write all of them down cuz that would take years LOL! Not in any particular order. xD

By hiddenrose posted
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[ENG SUB] 魔幻力量 Magic Power - 我是誰我是誰我是誰 (Who Am I?) MV

By hiddenrose posted
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