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What's your definition of a nerd?

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This actually is my life....

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LOL I'm Such a Nerd.

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TFT's: Nerds

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What Kind Of Nerd Are You? (stolen from Wonachan) ^^

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What Kind Of Nerd Are You (stolen from: umithebaby)

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What Kind of Nerd are you? (Stolen from Wonachan)

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What Kind of Nerd Are You? (Stolen from Wonachan)

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What type of nerd am I? (Stolen)

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N.E.R.D Graphic Contest [entry]

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NERD graphic contest

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N.E.R.D Graphic Contest Entries

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nerdy rant

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That moment...

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Are you a Nerd? taken from btobmelodyokay

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Are you a nerd? Stole from ottokaji

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How Nerdy Am I?

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What Nerd Am I?? (Stolen From UnicornR01)

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