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The Party

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Heartbreaker GD

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R.I.P RiSe. Everyone is going to miss your cute smile. *crying hard* TT^TT

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Heart Breaking Story

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not as 11...but 12

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The truth about violence against LGBT

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BaekYeol fic

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I wanted to turned back time...

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why oh why...

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My top 3 exo fanfics *currently*

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When EXO are Peterpan and EXOstans are the Tinkerbell.....

By Lilichelle posted
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Suicide attempt of Hoyoung of G.O.D

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Crying baby.... ;ω;my heart hurts.... ;ω;

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Heartbreaking T____T He always looks so sad T^T

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“Let me be the one giving you courage”…EXO fandom, read this.

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Heart-Breaking News...

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we were the perfect couple..WE WERE..

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