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The Untamed

By kimminah89 posted
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"The Untamed"~ Chinese Drama ~Eng sub links

By draculasdaughter posted
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Chinese Drama Recommendations

By themarchioness posted
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ChenChen Couple: SongSong Couple in C-drama

By amoet-16 posted
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The best and worst Asian dramas I"ve watched in 2016-2017 (Mostly Thai lol and a mini rant on BL dramas and Push dramas XD and some words for Moon Geun Young)

By ISpyASpider posted
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Zhao Yiting x Lei Xinyu

By Eunhae7 posted
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Ztao's New Drama

By dandelion_26 posted
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Whirlwind Girl

By ramAppler27 posted
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Chinese dramas and their good looking boys

By Topu-Da posted
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The worst and most awesomely bad Asian dramas that I have ever seen

By ISpyASpider posted
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Do anyone know any Chinese Dramas, Music, or something?

By -yumechrys posted
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When Love Walked In

By -flaneur posted
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