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Chinese Drama Recommendations

By themarchioness posted
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EXO_叩叩趴 (Ko Ko Bop)_Music Video...

By Katerina93 posted
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Random thoughts about being a "bad fan"

By YX__94 posted
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I need drama/movie recs ;-;

By ExoLuver_ARMY posted
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I need help translating and Questions - Chinese (Listing)

By GeekReader posted
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The complicated Chinese-ness with my father's side(我爸爸旳 family tree)

By Caramel_lover369 posted
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By JeannaKleford posted
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Bl Novel

By dnotelover posted
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By eunki99 posted
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By eunki99 posted
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I want a Chinese girlfriend.

By blind_doctor posted
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HI: ASIA! Do follow this upcoming website :)

By mejustgotlucky posted
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By eunki99 posted
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By eunki99 posted
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[Song Cover] EXO - 十二月的奇迹 Miracles in December

By TheDoktor posted
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By Edenissleepy posted
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Novels Recommendation

By zorakrsn posted
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so i wrote a bilingual rap

By fefedove posted
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