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 ❛ ❨ CHARACTER NAME ❩ HAS A SECRET . . . ╱ (turn in)

By dusknoir posted
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>> E U N O I A [oneshot application for authors] ⓄⓅⒺⓃ

By AllRiseSilver86 posted
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FM (Futuristic Music) Apply Fic [Open]

By KatieKay35 posted
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I really like this applyfic!

By Valevit posted
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Lack of inspiration : what should I do?

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I did another check up yesterday and I don't have a stomach cancer but only a gastritis! I'm feel so happy and full of ideas now!!!

By Valevit posted
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S.I.D. lead vocalist, rapper,sub-dancer ----> JUNGSU (my special cutie) . Please tell me if you like him . ç_ç

By Valevit posted
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S.I.D. logo

By Valevit posted
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I've made a new applyfic and I need applicants!

By Valevit posted

I've just made my first applying story! (Marvellous, Woollim Entertainment new boy group)

By Valevit posted
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All Different || Lee Dongmin

By TheKme posted
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