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Yuri (百合, "lily"), also known by the wasei-eigo construction Girls' Love (ガールズラブ, gāruzu rabu), is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri focuses on the ual orientation or the romantic orientation aspects of the relationship, or both, the latter of which sometimes being called shōjo-ai by Western fandom.

The themes yuri deals with have their roots in the Japanese lesbian fiction of the early twentieth century, with pieces such as Yaneura no Nishojo by Nobuko Yoshiya. Nevertheless, it is not until the 1970s that lesbian-themed works began to appear in manga, by the hand of artists such as Ryoko Yamagishi and Riyoko Ikeda. The 1990s brought new trends in manga and anime, as well as in dōjinshi productions, along with more acceptance for this kind of content. In 2003, the first manga magazine specifically dedicated to yuri, Yuri Shimai, was launched, and this was followed by its revival Comic Yuri Hime, which was launched after the former was discontinued in 2004.

Although yuri originated in female-targeted (shōjo, josei) works, today it is featured in male-targeted (shōnen, seinen) ones as well. Yuri manga from male-targeted magazines include titles such as Kannazuki no Miko and Strawberry Panic!, as well as those from Comic Yuri Hime's male-targeted sister magazine, Comic Yuri Hime S, which was launched in 2007.

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Romantic Cliche

In a world where Taeyong is experiencing all things cliché when it comes to his love life. It’s just too good to be true but it’s actually happening.

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Love Really Hurts-Sequel to Getting Married To Someone I Knew Through The Internet

By I_Heart_Choi_Changjo Published
Tags  donghae   jessica   minho   yesung   yunho   yuri 
Characters Yuri, Donghae, Yoona, Siwon, Jessica, Minho, Yunho, and Yesung
With 25 chapters, 30 subscribers, 6534 views, 59 comments, 9066 words
Status Completed

They finally got married but they have to go through obstacles like their first love, her best friend's first love, and his best friend! What will happen if they know? Will they be able to be together ot end up having a divorce

I Hate love >.

By anna051316 Published
Tags  donghae   heechul   jaejoong   leeteuk   minho   siwon   yuri 
With 10 chapters, 35 subscribers, 3920 views, 28 comments, 4776 words
Status [M]

The Broken Wings

By chi-ya Published
Tags  2pm   9pm   chansung   snsd   yuri 
Characters Kwon Yuri. Hwang Chansung. 2PM. SNSD. K-Pop idols.
With 1 chapters, 17 subscribers, 2670 views, 13 comments, 909 words

You probably haven’t found out How flawless you are in my eyes And you probably will never know


By WeAreOneEXO66 Published
Tags  donghae   tiffany   yulhae   yuri 
Characters YuRi,DongHae,Tiffany
With 16 chapters, 46 subscribers, 7620 views, 33 comments, 6580 words
Status Completed

YuRi and DongHae was madly in love with each other.Then DongHae got in a accident.He forgot all the memories he had with YuRi for the past 7 years.DongHae quickly find his new love name Tiffany.Will he ever remember the memories he had with YuRi or will the memories be gone forever 

Ocean Deep Love

By GianaWhite Published
Tags  donghae   snsd   yulhae   yuri 
Characters SNSD, Yuri & Donghae
With 16 chapters, 5 votes, 100 subscribers, 11630 views, 117 comments, 22560 words
Status Completed

Yuri, everyone knows the Black Pearl. She's gorgeous and she dances so well. She likes Donghae but she wasn't sure about her felling so she keeps it to herself. And everyone knows Donghae who goes by the name Fishy given by the other members. He's good-looking and warm-hearted kind person. It's obvious that they are both attracted to each other but they are having a hard time confessing it. Either it's too late or there wi

Jibe Kajimwa,Noona

By cerols Published
Characters Minho,Yuri,rest of SHINee and, SNSD
With 5 chapters, 26 subscribers, 3920 views, 19 comments, 5794 words
Status [M]

I'm Married to a Girl?!

By ocsaBnaeJ Published
Tags  romance   snsd   supernatural   yulsic   yuri 
Characters Jessica Jung Kwon Yuri
With 17 chapters, 7 votes, 204 subscribers, 18070 views, 73 comments, 19885 words

What if you wake up one day and you already have a wife and a daughter that you never met before? Crazy, right? But that's what happened to Jessica. And take note, 'WIFE'. She's just a simple girl craving for love from her parents. But the next thing she know is she had a family of her own! What happened and how will this affect her life full of tragedies? Will it stay the same, or finally give her the happiness she always wanted?

sugar was never been sweet

By sugarandalmonds Published
Tags  angst   jaejoong   tiffany   yunho   yunri   yuri 
Characters yunho, yuri, jaejoong, tiffanny
With 24 chapters, 7 votes, 235 comments, 19893 words

  After accepting about her brother’s death, Yuri decided to move on with the help of her handsome and very caring boyfriend Kim Jae joong, who love her unconditionally. But what if, she discovered that her brother is still alive,

Through My Blind Eyes

By SHILLen Published
Tags  yoona   yuri 
With 9 chapters, 23 subscribers, 2370 views, 24 comments, 3211 words

  Yuri live as a shadow to Yoona all her life even though they were twins. Yoona was more a a girly girl and her parents and even her best friend like her more or so she thought. Than one year durring that one cruel acident she got blind and doctor said it takes a long time finding a eye donnor. By than she felt so weak in the hospital she cried intil she hear one guy across from her with a broken arm and leg cheering her up. Will she find happiness or more saddness because of her

We Got Married?!

By SerriStar Published
Tags  dbsk   jaejoong   jaeri   korean   snsd   yuri 
Characters Yuri Jaejoong other korean idols
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 126 subscribers, 9720 views, 117 comments, 7370 words

  What if you and your ex-boyfriend were paired up in a famous virtual marriage variety show called "We Got Married"?

I Broke My Nail Shooting that Man

By JoyJinn Published
Tags  joon   minho   taemin   thunder   ygent   yuri 
Characters Kwon Micha (OC/You), Taemin, Yuri, Minho etc. minor characters will be introduced.
With 5 chapters, 14 comments, 9861 words

  The South Korea Intelligence Agency, or SKIS for short, is, as the name suggests, the South Korean Intelligence Agency. It is the equivalent of the CIA to the United States of America. There are around fifteen teams with eight people in each team and you have to have achieved a least a mediocre level of fame before being accepted into the SKIS. Aspiring trainees who have talent are chosen by their CEO’s to undergo training to not only become an idol, but also to become a SKIS age

You Make My Life Complete

By khunriforever Published
Tags  khunri   nichkhun   oneshot   yuri 
Characters Nichkhun, Yuri
With 1 chapters, 26 subscribers, 3580 views, 11 comments, 1069 words
Status Completed

This "story" is about Nichkhun and Yuri.

We Can't Get Married!

By lastofoblivion Published
Tags  comedy   dbsk   snsd   snsk   yunho   yunri   yuri 
Characters Kwon Yuri (SNSD) || Jung Yunho (DBSK) || SNSD || DBSK || SMTown
With 12 chapters, 6 votes, 148 subscribers, 9860 views, 115 comments, 46985 words

Being  an idol would never be easier than you thought. Getting into variety shows, attending rehearsals and practice, performing when you have to, being away from your family, following a diet plan, trapping yourself in your dorm, getting through sleepless nights, face criticisms, avoid being in a relationship.. It’s like turning yourself in some sort of super human. But the hardest thi

The Love Contract (Part 2)

By 500sunny500 Published
Tags  donghae   jonghyun   minho   siwon   sunye   yoona   yuri 
Characters Im Yoona (SNSD), Lee Donghae (Super Junior), Sunye (Wondergirls), Choi Minho (SHINee)
With 34 chapters, 1 votes, 129 subscribers, 13410 views, 288 comments, 28372 words
Status Completed

Okay, so now, Donghae and Yoona are free from the Love Contract! They are officially married and in love! But not everyone is happy with this thought.  Jealous Sunye heard this while Donghae and Yoona were at their honeymoon. She planned the ruin their relationship by making her own love contract with Donghae!  When Donghae and Yoona arrived back from their honeymoon, they were miserable when Donghae's manager agreed to make Sunye coupled with Donghae.

My Secret Identity

By Yuuki-Generation Published
Tags  2am   eunhyuk   gyuri   kara   snsd   superjunior   yuri 
With 25 chapters, 1 votes, 5060 views, 26 comments, 17412 words
Status Completed

 I'm thanking PrincesSeoul for making the poster for me! It;s so great! What do you think? Here is a link, if yo


By NEEDNOW Published
Tags  hyoyeon   jessicajung   snsd   taeyeon   tiffany   yulti   yuri 
With 33 chapters, 52 votes, 759 subscribers, 451 comments, 84467 words
Status [M]

You Changed Me

By kpopismyworld09 Published
Tags  donghae   gdragon   gyoon   yoona   yoonhae   yuri 
With 4 chapters, 9 votes, 216 subscribers, 22630 views, 187 comments, 8121 words


•Promise me•

By MinYul97SiFany Published
Tags  minho   minyul   nichkhun   siwon   tiffany   yoona   yuri 
With 1 chapters, 22 subscribers, 1910 views, 8 comments, 544 words

Yuri-rich,cheerful,has a good body,really good in dance, has a brother named nichkhun,has a best friend's named yoona..one day , the accident will change everything Minho-handsome so many girls want to be her princess..very ric