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Tit For Tat

As always, Wendy is spotted in a fancam about how she's always the one trying to approach Irene instead of the other way around. It just so happens that Irene is always with Seulgi at that moment.

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Dear Mom

By TaetisSea Updated
Tags  spanish   familyau   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters Wendy, Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Yeri, Winter,
With 5 chapters, 6 votes, 24 subscribers, 590 views, 18 comments, 8990 words

Wendy por asares del destino obtiene la custodia de un bebé

Drunk on your Love

By joohyunah Updated
Characters Irene, Wendy
With 3 chapters, 23 votes, 889 subscribers, 4950 views, 23 comments, 29914 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Scarlet Dandelions (Editing in progress)

By MoonWhite Updated
Tags  action   romance   seulgi   taeny   taeyeon   historical   sehun   joohyun   jongin   jongdae   kyungsoo   historicalau   wendy   irene   slowburn   redvelvet   wenrene   seungwan   renedy 
Characters Wendy | Irene
With 40 chapters, 403 votes, 3127 subscribers, 55980 views, 799 comments, 142658 words
Status Subscribers Only

Princess Seungwan never wanted to be anywhere else except her homeland, a vast field of green lands and of endless blue skies with the accompaniment of her royal siblings and doting father, the Great Khan of Mongolia. Yet, due to a series of political arrangements and self-sacrifice, the Mongolian princess wounded up in a palace of a foreign land and became the companion of their sickly princess, Princess Joohyun, who enjoys nothing but solitude. It seemed as if fate had wanted to bring the t

SalaciousWenrene's -Shots

By SalaciousWenrene Updated
With 38 chapters, 323 votes, 1998 subscribers, 111190 views, 441 comments, 129459 words
Status [M]


By anothersabstory Updated
Tags  wenrene 
Characters Wendy, Irene
With 1 chapters, 29 votes, 167 subscribers, 1240 views, 27 comments, 925 words

a fic based on twitter user @lawrbbshon 's tweet: a period magical au of wenrene talking thru mirrors, one lives in the past while the other one is in the present.   

To All The Girls I've Loved Before

By anothersabstory Updated
Tags  tagalog   fluffromance   fluffandangst   wenrene 
Characters wendy, irene, jennie, sua, sejeong, eunbi
With 5 chapters, 21 votes, 167 subscribers, 2200 views, 31 comments, 4836 words
Status [M]


By seungwanandu Updated
Characters Wendy
With 13 chapters, 40 votes, 1087 subscribers, 10430 views, 66 comments, 18620 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

hold me like i'm yours tonight

By cloudnine9 Updated
Characters Bae Joohyun, Son Seungwan, Kang Seulgi, Park Sooyoung, Kim Yerim
With 17 chapters, 246 votes, 1308 subscribers, 31610 views, 482 comments, 57215 words
Status [M]

Still Looks Good

By rv_twice5 Updated
Tags  angst   fluff   oneshot   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters Irene, Wendy, Seulgi
With 1 chapters, 69 votes, 154 subscribers, 1930 views, 21 comments, 3663 words
Status Completed

Irene runs into her one and only ex four years later and may be accidently wearing her ex's varsity shirt whose last name was on the back. Yeah, her life's just going great.


By anothersabstory Updated
Tags  wenrene 
Characters wendy, irene
With 1 chapters, 130 votes, 237 subscribers, 2650 views, 45 comments, 1444 words
Status Completed

[Based on the WENRENE AU PROMPT by @RVcrack on Twitter] wherein Wendy & Irene are ex-girlfriends; at that time, they were immature and inexperienced. Irene wore Wendy's varsity

Passion of Love

By JKnumberic Updated
Tags  genderbender   snsd   taeny   taeyeon   yulsic   aoa   seolhyun   got7   redvelvet   wenrene   twice 
Characters Taeyeon, Yuri, Seungwan, Tiffany, Jessica and Irene
With 17 chapters, 35 votes, 881 subscribers, 9650 views, 107 comments, 29462 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Lavender Symphony

By MoonWhite Updated
Tags  drabbles   fluff   romance   joohyun   drabblecollection   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   seungwan   renedy 
Characters Irene | Wendy
With 14 chapters, 182 votes, 2437 subscribers, 22230 views, 171 comments, 21236 words
Status Subscribers Only

A drabble collection; each composed carelessly with the same ingredient; Wenrene. Wholly unlike the title.      Collection:  Eyes that Shimmer (Idol au) Clumsy Hands, Sincere Heart (Campus au) Follow My Lead (Prom Night au) Stargaze (Chaebol x Celebrity au)

1 life, 3 times

By WanDyy Updated
Tags  ongoing   romance   collegeau   kimyerim   redvelvet   wenrene   baejoohyun   kangseulgi   wenseul   wenjoy   parksooyoung   sonseungwan   wlw 
Characters Son Seungwan, Kang Seulgi, Park Sooyoung, Bae Joohyun, Kim Yerim
With 3 chapters, 54 subscribers, 850 views, 3 comments, 3108 words

1 life, 3 times: a three part wlw college au about the three times Son Seungwan has fallen in love. The beginnings and the ends, and how it all turned out.

Drawn to You

By MoonWhite Updated
Tags  romance   joohyun   christmasfic   idolau   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   tabloidau 
Characters Wendy | Irene | Yeri | Red Velvet
With 6 chapters, 421 votes, 4473 subscribers, 37630 views, 224 comments, 22099 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Famous korean pop idol, Irene, had clicked into yet another link and a sigh escaped from her lips. Despite telling herself she should not be bothered by malicious and critical articles about her, she could not help but feel a bit more queasy about this particular one. “If only human beings could take the time to see beyond superficialities, the world could be a kinder and brighter place.” Parts:

Moon of the Sun

By Hainegu Updated
Characters Bae Juhyun, Gang Seulgi, Son Seungwan, Gim Yerim, Bak Sooyoung
With 18 chapters, 20 votes, 321 subscribers, 5770 views, 38 comments, 85650 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

Things I Wanna Do With You

By mellifluouswan Updated
Tags  fluff   wendy   irene   wenrene 
With 1 chapters, 50 votes, 707 subscribers, 2220 views, 20 comments, 1189 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Irene's competitive and Wendy wants to know whether or not she could win against the older woman.

Seungwanshot | Fluff

By seungwanandu Updated
Tags  fluff   oneshot   request   wendy   wenrene   wendyxyou   wendyxoc   jendy 
Characters Wendy
With 5 chapters, 22 votes, 514 subscribers, 3290 views, 19 comments, 3961 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only


By two2too Updated
Characters Wendy, Irene
With 3 chapters, 71 votes, 1795 subscribers, 7340 views, 54 comments, 3835 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only


By seung1nism Updated
Tags  wenrene 
Characters wendy, irene
With 1 chapters, 63 votes, 622 subscribers, 2020 views, 10 comments, 1582 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

your typical wr soulmate au but only in one-shot form


By wanNonly Updated
Tags  wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
With 1 chapters, 16 votes, 402 subscribers, 2320 views, 12 comments, 1694 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By meungcho Updated
Tags  wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters Bae Joohyun and Son Seungwan
With 1 chapters, 54 votes, 520 subscribers, 1710 views, 12 comments, 11232 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Seungwan comes back to Seoul after three years and she's reminded of it all.

If it is you

By Kimchi18 Updated
Tags  wenrene 
Characters Red velvet
With 1 chapters, 87 votes, 244 subscribers, 2520 views, 37 comments, 6225 words
Status Completed

Sooyoung had expected that her Wendy unnie and Joohyun unnie will be all lovey-dovey once Seungwan was back on her feet. But why does it feel that something was wrong? Does Joohyun's feelings really changed? Or her two unnies are just being cowards?


By anothersabstory Updated
Characters wendy, irene
With 6 chapters, 113 votes, 586 subscribers, 9290 views, 149 comments, 11630 words
Status [M]

Hold You Tight

By baewankies Updated
Characters Irene, Wendy
With 1 chapters, 58 votes, 1439 subscribers, 4640 views, 22 comments, 2994 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Life between vaults

By Nana-san Updated
Characters Red Velvet
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 21 subscribers, 660 views, 4125 words
Status Completed

    A Red Velvet on vacation short that I wrote because I got tired of achievement hunting, Borderlands AU with a little nod to Pearson’s “Guns, Shipsand Marriage Proposals” that you can go and appreciate here ( https://archiveofourown.org/works/29421531 )

Can You Handle It?

With 21 chapters, 101 votes, 925 subscribers, 23650 views, 166 comments, 39504 words
Status [M]

Wenrene One shots

By YoongBaby Updated
Characters Wendyxirene
With 12 chapters, 97 votes, 1416 subscribers, 11880 views, 128 comments, 13740 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

One shots

Seven Days to For(n)ever

By wandering_wenrene Updated
Characters Wendy, Irene
With 6 chapters, 19 votes, 410 subscribers, 3180 views, 28 comments, 11707 words
Status Subscribers Only

Seven remarkable days of Joohyun and Seungwan.

Velvet Village

By LoonPrincess Updated
Tags  comedy   romance   seulgi   yeri   crack   joy   gxg   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   joygi   wendyxirene 
Characters wendy irene yeri joy seulgi red velvet wenrene
With 2 chapters, 8 votes, 184 subscribers, 1060 views, 13 comments, 9091 words
Status Subscribers Only



By joohyunah Updated
Characters Wendy & Irene/ Seungwan & Joohyun
With 2 chapters, 17 votes, 589 subscribers, 3220 views, 13 comments, 8059 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Dear, Irene

By Lawsuit Updated
Tags  angst   wenrene 
Characters Wendy, Irene
With 7 chapters, 21 votes, 315 subscribers, 16 comments, 23253 words
Status Subscribers Only

Wendy left Irene letters for each day leading to her birthday as her last gift before she died.

Too Real

By TaengYoonSic Updated
Tags  angst   romance   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   baejoohyun   sonseungwan 
Characters Wendy Irene
With 1 chapters, 22 votes, 536 subscribers, 1800 views, 11 comments, 1696 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Bae Joohyun finds pleasure in pain that it's almost as if she's addicted.    But there's no pleasure in seeing Son Seungwan hurting.