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What's wrong with you? (Baekhyun x OC)

Running away from the city, she sought help from the oldie. Was introduced to the hottie, then he said she should go back and get out of her fantasy. Stomping angrily, she swore she would cut off his weenie. He scoffed, saying 'Yes, Your Majesty.’

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where flowers bloom

By hedalalisa Updated
Tags  oneshotcollection   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters Bae Joohyun, Son Seungwan
With 3 chapters, 151 votes, 1058 subscribers, 5070 views, 85 comments, 20362 words
Status Subscribers Only

Oneshot collection for wenrene.  Current story: "kissing in the dark is safe" - a short, Actress!Bae AU

Incorrect Collection - WR & RV

By RedVelvet_baby Updated
Tags  comedy   fluff   friendship   romance   seulgi   yeri   cute   funny   crack   joy   memes   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   wenreneseuljoyri   seuljoyri   incorrectquotes 
Characters Irene Wendy Seulgi Joy Yeri
With 40 chapters, 42 votes, 754 subscribers, 13090 views, 204 comments, 2299 words
Status Subscribers Only

  Our Cake Girls, memes, incorrect quotes to brighten up your day.    With Wenrene topping.     


By whowhat Updated
Tags  seulgi   yeri   joy   wendy   irene   redvelvet   seulrene   seulgixirene   blackpink   jiseul 
Characters seulgi irene red velvet blackpink
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 75 subscribers, 730 views, 3 comments, 814 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Love and Other Things

By DoctorPiApple Updated
Characters You, a lot of female k-pop idols
With 39 chapters, 68 votes, 1280 subscribers, 63550 views, 58 comments, 150920 words
Status [M]

The Life of the Sixth Member

By MaraxSam Updated
Characters Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Eli, Yeri
With 110 chapters, 143 votes, 939 subscribers, 134530 views, 908 comments, 223880 words

In this story, the Korean girl group Red Velvet consists of six members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Eliza, and Yeri. You are Eliza, the original maknae that was replaced by Yeri when she joined the group in 2015. Eliza, or better known as Eli, was born in 1997 in Melbourne, Australia, and this is the story of her life as a member of one of the most popular Korean girl groups, Red Velvet. 

Joohyunnie, Seungwannie, Joohyun, Seungwan

By 9minaminaminari Updated
Characters Joohyun, Seungwan, Sooyoung, Seulgi, Taeyeon, Tiffany
With 3 chapters, 40 votes, 127 subscribers, 1360 views, 17 comments, 22669 words
Status Completed

    Three parts of Joohyun and Seungwan's story.          

Expired Promises

By summerflavor Updated
Tags  wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   irenexwendy 
Characters Son Seungwan/ Wendy Bae Joohyun/ Irene
With 1 chapters, 15 votes, 32 subscribers, 590 views, 5 comments, 882 words
Status Completed

Ghosts can’t pass into the afterlife until people stop saying their name, Seungwan is a ghost who’s sick and tired of being stuck on earth.

You're My Present [YMP] - Seulrene Version

By himulgokizary Updated
Tags  genderbender   seulgi   yeri   winter   eunbi   joy   nayeon   karina   giselle   wendy   irene   redvelvet   seulrene   aseul   aespa 
Characters Red Velvet
With 16 chapters, 18 votes, 415 subscribers, 4150 views, 27 comments, 71105 words
Status Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

This story is taken from one of Taengsic's stories that I wrote. Because many people chose this story so I wrote this story first and followed by the next story. This story will be slightly different from the original version as I made modifications and improvements in the storyline as well as the grammar.

Blissful Days

By wendy_peterpan Updated
Characters Wendy, Irene, Seung Wan, Joohyun
With 41 chapters, 345 votes, 5061 subscribers, 126120 views, 553 comments, 289908 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

U-Turn Slot

By bunnybae2129 Updated
Tags  fluff   tagalog   crack   wendy   irene   wenrene 
Characters Irene, Wendy
With 1 chapters, 11 votes, 150 subscribers, 920 views, 12 comments, 3223 words
Status Subscribers Only

Kung saan ang newbie driver na si Wendy ay mahuhuli for a traffic violation sa may Commonwealth. 

One Day More

By SooJudes Updated
Tags  wendy   redvelvet   wenrene   wenseul   joyri   seungwan   blackpink   jensoo   blackvelvet   jendy 
Characters Son Seungwan | Bae Joohyun | Kang Seulgi | Jennie Kim | Minor-Park Sooyoung, Kim Yerim, Kim Jisoo
With 20 chapters, 57 votes, 1277 subscribers, 15410 views, 175 comments, 34375 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Red Velvet Sickfics

By wenseulo Updated
Tags  angst   fluff   ot5   seulgi   yeri   joy   hurtandcomfort   sickfic   wendy   irene   redvelvet   joyrene   wenrene   seulrene   wenseul   joygi   wenjoy   joyri   yerene   wenri   yermseul 
Characters irene, seulgi, wendy, yeri, joy
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 286 subscribers, 1010 views, 2 comments, 6887 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

My Girlfriend Turned Into a Dog

By Thestarryskies Updated
Tags  wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   wendyxirene 
Characters Wendy, Irene
With 1 chapters, 54 votes, 626 subscribers, 1940 views, 22 comments, 2649 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

One lazy morning Joohyun stirred awake after feeling something fluffy tickling against her cheek. "Mmm...is it morning already? Happy birthday baby..."  Upon opening her eyes, instead of seeing her lovely girlfriend beside her, her view was blocked by what appeared to be a soft cloud. Craning her head over to get a better look she finally came face to face with a big, white dog, with very big, sharp teeth.

One, Two, Three

By wenseulo Updated
Characters wendy, irene, seulgi
With 10 chapters, 10 votes, 371 subscribers, 1120 views, 3 comments, 23506 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

I Don't Want Your Body

By wenseulo Updated
Tags  ot5   seulgi   yeri   joy   comingout   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters irene, wendy, seulgi, joy, yeri
With 1 chapters, 26 votes, 584 subscribers, 1470 views, 9 comments, 3809 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only


By wenseulo Updated
Tags  angst   bullying   ot5   seulgi   yeri   joy   wendy   irene   redvelvet   joyri   yerene   wenri   yermseul 
Characters wendy, yeri, joy, irene, seulgi
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 60 subscribers, 200 views, 2 comments, 2584 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only


By RedVelvet_baby Updated
Characters Irene Wendy Seulgi Joy Yeri
With 17 chapters, 53 votes, 1449 subscribers, 20310 views, 137 comments, 45039 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  A Wenrene story with our 3 musketeers.          

Outcast Girls 2

By Neonlightsonmyface Updated
Characters Irene Seulgi Wendy Joy Yeri Jiu Yoohyeon Siyeon Sua Handong Dami Gahyeon Moonbyul Solar Hwasa Wheein Sunmi Hani Taeyeon Tiffany
With 121 chapters, 63 votes, 643 subscribers, 39100 views, 428 comments, 117006 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

In My Dreams, You Love Me Back.

By 9minaminaminari Updated
Tags  angst   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters Irene/Joohyun, Seungwan/Wendy, Sooyoung, Seulgi, Yerim
With 2 chapters, 26 votes, 91 subscribers, 1680 views, 23 comments, 16408 words
Status Completed

Seungwan loves Joohyun. Wendy loves Joohyun.   Irene loves neither.            


By xiethegreat Updated
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 12 subscribers, 160 views, 3 comments, 2394 words

Have you ever experienced a love that you badly wanted to have and yet fate and circumstances just doesn't seem to allow? It's about how Kang Seulgi and Bae Irene found comfort and love with each other but destiny and fate just wouldn't let them be together. Will they get through the hundred of hurdles or surrender into fate's battle. 


By kiara216 Updated
Tags  rose   wendy   redvelvet   blackpink   blackvelvet   wendyxrose   wense 
Characters Wendy, Rosé
With 7 chapters, 34 votes, 118 subscribers, 3000 views, 36 comments, 5949 words

ficlet collection for Wendy and Rosé <3   ODD numbers are all fluff and cute EVEN numbers are kind of bittersweet (and some angst)   you've all been warned ;)      

Only You Make Me Feel Like That

By Baby_Chennie Updated
Characters Bae Joohyun| Kang Seulgi| Son Seungwan| Park Sooyoung| Kim Yerim| Moon Byulyi| Kim Yongsun
With 10 chapters, 40 votes, 1170 subscribers, 12860 views, 74 comments, 15872 words
Status Subscribers Only

Out Of Time

By RookieRookie32 Updated
Tags  fluff   seulgi   yeri   timemachine   joy   modernfantasy   gxg   wendy   irene   royaltyau   wenrene   wendyxirene 
Characters Irene | Wendy
With 1 chapters, 13 votes, 210 subscribers, 730 views, 9 comments, 793 words
Status Subscribers Only

  They knew it was a bad idea, heck even Joy questioned it a few times. But, one bottle of whiskey is all it takes for them to use the slick machine; changing everything.   “Kneel down! How dare you trespass the princess’s building!?”

We Don't Talk Anymore

By Baby_Chennie Updated
Tags  seulgi   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   seulrene 
Characters Bae Joohyun | Kang Seulgi | Son Seungwan
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 155 subscribers, 1840 views, 8 comments, 1373 words
Status Subscribers Only

No matter what, Seulgi still loves Joohyun and she'll do anything to bring her back. And Joohyun still loves her too, no matter what Seulgi told her. After everything they've been through, will they let jealousy break them apart or will they fight back to fix what they broke? 

Slip Through My Fingers

By mrsyanzi Updated
Tags  girlxgirl   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters Irene, Wendy
With 2 chapters, 8 votes, 680 views, 6224 words
Status Completed, Friends Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Irene's heart was taken by someone; she could almost have.

The Proposal (WenRene AU)

By lalalalice_kim Updated
Tags  kpop   fanfic   joohyun   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   wenseul   wenreneromance   wendyxirene   seungwan   theproposal 
Characters Wendy Son, Irene Bae
With 4 chapters, 79 votes, 737 subscribers, 4730 views, 96 comments, 23990 words
Status Subscribers Only

A WenRene AU in which Irene Bae is a successful self-made editor-in-chief who is loathed by her employees because of her mean, arrogant and pushy attitude, and Wendy Son as her hard working secretary whose ultimate dream is to become an editor in one of the most respectable publishing houses in New York. As Irene faces deportation to South Korea because of a denied visa renewal application, the desp

Not Without You

By RVShon Updated
Tags  fluff   friendship   romance   seulgi   yeri   joy   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   irenexwendy 
Characters Red Velvet Irene × Wendy
With 13 chapters, 41 votes, 810 subscribers, 7930 views, 24 comments, 28297 words

Growing up together as best of friends, Wendy and Irene attempts to pursue their dream of becoming idols. Everything's going well, not until feelings mixes up with their pursuit of happiness. Would it be the dream they work for? Or the dream they long for? 

Come Inside Of My Heart

By Dumbwriter Updated
Tags  wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   baejoohyun   seungwan   joohyunxseungwan 
Characters Wendy irene wenrene
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 39 subscribers, 320 views, 2 comments, 1565 words

Seungwan or who want to go by Wendy for her stage name, always wanted to be a music producer. Sadly, her dream job still seems far away as she's currently only work as a recording engineer in a small recording studio. She already tried to make some music and posted it on youtube, but the attention was not enough to tell the word that she's a good producer. But she finally see the chance and hope for her career when there's an offer to make music for Bae Joohyun or more well known as Irene, th

Drive All Night

By bunnybae2129 Updated
Tags  fluff   wendy   irene   wenrene 
Characters Wendy, Irene
With 1 chapters, 67 votes, 824 subscribers, 2520 views, 24 comments, 3558 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Just Seungwan and her driving journey with her clingy passenger Irene.   (I was so inspired by what Seungwan said yesterday about wanting to practice driving at night so... I tried)   Inspired by a song by JOAN - Drive All Night

you in me

By milkyyy_way Updated
Tags  wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   wendyxirene 
With 3 chapters, 8 votes, 119 subscribers, 1110 views, 9 comments, 5312 words
Status Subscribers Only

In this world, anything you think is possible. It’s only just a matter of time. Some are lucky enough to experience them, and some were too late to even see a glimpse of what they wanted.    Years ago, no one would have even thought that humans can explore outside Earth. But after years of trying and testing, it became possible, and now we have humans exploring the space, setting up stations, and rich dumb people going to other planets.     Check.  


By bunnybae2129 Updated
Tags  fluff   tagalog   crack   wendy   irene   wenrene 
Characters Bae Joohyun, Son Seungwan
With 18 chapters, 57 votes, 612 subscribers, 9330 views, 256 comments, 65249 words
Status Completed

Si Ceo Bae Joohyun na palaging in a bad mood ay aksidenteng mapapasakay sa sasakyan ni Doctor and Director Son Wendy.

The Joy of a Happy Hamster

By SalaciousWenrene Updated
With 68 chapters, 184 votes, 1310 subscribers, 51730 views, 676 comments, 141146 words
Status [M]

Please help to find wenrene fic

By Ashleytbb Updated
Tags  wendy   irene   wenrene 
With 770 views, 3 comments, 29 words

A story where Irene went to Wendy's house to visit but did not know she has a dog and she is afraid...

help, to find fic wenrene

By Narutinho1 Updated
Tags  seulgi   yeri   joy   wendy   irene   wenrene   seulrene   wenseul   joygi   wendyxirenewenrenewenseu 
Characters Wendy , seulgi, yeri, Irene, joy, red velvet wenseulrenejoyri, wenseul, wenseulrene, joy, yerim
With 1 subscribers, 800 views, 2 comments, 59 words

the fic, takes place where the wenrene are forced to marry. by your parents. I remember wendy was dating rosé but she died in a car assassin. the Wenrenes went on their supposed honeymoon. but they quarreled and left sooner than expected. Irene was upset because she tried to seduce and thought she couldn't. sorry for the spellin mistakes. 

Gil Puyat

By seulreneau Updated
Tags  seulgi   tagalog   joy   wendy   irene   redvelvet   seulrene   seulgixirene 
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 32 subscribers, 310 views, 1 comments, 2253 words

Most of us ang maiisip ay yung LRT station. Sa iba, dito ang sakayan ng mga bus pa probinsya.   Pero sa akin,  Ito ang lugar kung saan ako nahulog sayo.