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Hi, Mommy

Winter changes her promiscuous lifestyle when single mother Karina and her daughter, Luna, moves in with her. So instead of bringing home women, Winter brings home formula for Luna and something sw

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By outtamymind Updated
With 3 chapters, 4387 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By miuratatsuya Updated
Characters OC Jung Jaehyun NCT
With 15 chapters, 2 votes, 43 subscribers, 990 views, 4 comments, 28962 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

PREVIEW   "Come on! Why are you doing this to me? Taeyong will kill me if he didn't see a strand of your hair over there!" I tried to pull him off the flag pole as he keep hugging the pole. I tried pushing him towards the car but to compare our build right now, it is almost impossible.


By StrawberryLovinHyuk Updated
Tags  johnny   ten   johnnyseo   johnten   nct   chittaphon 
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 4 subscribers, 590 views, 1 comments, 9711 words
Status Completed

Just a story about Johnny, Ten and their little family.

The Infernal Bastards

By cerberos Updated
Characters Lucas, Ten, Rose, Jungkook
With 5 chapters, 8 votes, 85 subscribers, 1570 views, 4 comments, 13033 words
Status [M], Members Only

Knock On

By LimitlessStarryNight Updated
Characters Ten, Jaehyun, Johnny and the rest of NCT and WayV
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 78 subscribers, 1940 views, 1 comments, 8812 words
Status Subscribers Only

He didn’t remember his name, where he came from, who he is…Nothing. He just have a number and the felling that he should be with someone else, a felling so strong that aches. Oh…and he has his doctor by his side too and the promise he made to him.

The Color of My Heart

By DGNA_Forever Updated
Tags  angst   boyxboy   fantasy   friendship   romance      lucas   ten   soulmateau   yangyang   winwin   kun   nct   chittaphon   sicheng   nctdream   renjun   writingcontestentry   xuxi   xiaojun   hendery   wayv   henyang   yangdery   guanheng   guanyang   platonicrenyang   platonictendery 
Characters WayV Hendery + Yangyang, with appearances by NCT members
With 4 chapters, 8 votes, 99 subscribers, 1210 views, 7 comments, 7680 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Hendery has always enjoyed watching other people's soulmate  rings change color, based on the emotions their mate was going through. His own ring has changed color several times, but usually stays a dark color. One day it turns black, a sign his soulmate has died, but it's wrong, since it hasn't crumbled. 

Be my mistake

By kctxxhanbintaehyung Updated
Tags  ten   nct   chittaphon   wayv   wayvten 
With 4 chapters, 360 views, 382 words
Status Subscribers Only

So this is a story that i happen to create because i got inspired by an writer in tumblr, she was endery then when i got to check her work but now she goes by nakyngs (you should check her out, funny writer, i don't read so much fluff but her work makes me happy). This story will be like a social media au/fake text au, something like that. I decided to also put it here s

Social Warefare

By bebopchan Updated
Tags  drama   suspense   2tae   rivalry   rivals   taeyong   ten   marklee   johnnyseo   tenny   johnten   winwin   nct   nctu   chittaphon   nctdream   nctboss 
Characters Mark Lee, Lee Taeyong, Ten, NCT-U, Henry Lau, NCT-Dream, Winwin
With 16 chapters, 11 votes, 63 subscribers, 5990 views, 19 comments, 38926 words
Status [M]

downfall° | winten

By AgustYoonSwag Updated
With 3 chapters, 33 subscribers, 930 views, 2742 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Chittaphon fears Death, Sicheng is in love with Life. When the two meet, things become complicated. Chittaphon struggles with a terminal illness, will he live long enough to overcome his fear?


By Multifandom_Mess Updated
Characters Y/N, Lucas, Ten, Kun, Xiaojun, Hendery, Winwin, Yangyang, Chenle, Renjun...
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 400 views, 2020 words

In a dark world the female protagonist (you) have to make a difficult decision to stay alive. Will she regret it? Sometimes we make allies of the people we least expect.

Part of Me | jaeten.

By senosyne Updated
Tags  fluff   soulmate   jaehyun   ten   soulmateau   jaeten   nct   chittaphon 
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 30 subscribers, 790 views, 14860 words
Status Subscribers Only

Jaehyun never thought he would meet his soulmate who is just as metaphysical as love

Ten Past Six | Johnten NCT

By qvestchen Updated
Characters johnny ten taeyong jaehyun winwin yuta doyoung jungwoo haechan mark lucas taeil jaemin kun jeno renjun chenle jisung
With 13 chapters, 11 votes, 4340 views, 47 comments, 34346 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

If Ten could describe his relationship with Johnny he would say it was like being in the same city and yet being in a long distance relationship without there being an actual relationship. Because if Ten was head over heels in love with Johnny, he was pretty sure Johnny was as oblivious to his feelings as ever.


By Seachelle623 Updated
Tags  jaemin   taeil   moon   jung   jisung   kim   lee   seo   hyerin   jaehyun   park   yuta   taeyong   mark   jeno   smrookies   ten   hina   lami   donghyuck   markhyuck   minhyung   doyoung   koeun   nakamoto   kun   herin   chittaphon   jaeno   youngho   haechan   chenle   renle   nomin   renjun   huangrenjun   yoonoh   winiwn   zhong 
Characters Huang Renjun, Lee Jeno, Lee Mark Minhyung, Lee Donghyuck, Park Jisung, Zhong Chenle
With 38 chapters, 16 votes, 6190 views, 95 comments, 93544 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

If you told Huang Renjun a week prior to today that he was going to go to a rich social party for fun, he would have told you to stop dreaming. However, that dream seemed positively real right now as a glass of Coca Cola was being clutched in his right hand and his eyes scanned the numerous amount of people in the room.   ~ ~ ~   "So you know how when we met, you said you were used to giving out your identity?" "Yeah, what about it?" "What if yo

Baby Boy (Jaemin)

By Roxystar66 Updated
Characters NCT Jaemin Jens Renjun Haechan Mark Kun Jungwoo Winwin Ten Lucas Yuta Doyoung Taeyong Jaehyun Johnny Taeil
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 48 subscribers, 2340 views, 2 comments, 4867 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

Juice Cartons | Jaeyong NCT

By qvestchen Updated
Characters taeyong jaehyun johnny ten winwin yuta doyoung jungwoo haechan mark lucas taeil jaemin kun jeno renjun chenle jisung
With 12 chapters, 23 votes, 636 subscribers, 6960 views, 34 comments, 22395 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Taeyong has never been jealous of anyone but lately, he can't seem to get rid of the nagging spike of jealousy he feels whenever Jaehyun spends time with someone else. And as he often reminds himself, it's not even as if they are dating. But maybe, just maybe, Taeyong could change that.   

exulansis | nct ten.

By senosyne Updated
Tags  angst   fluff   romance   you   originalcharacter   reader   tenchittaphon   nct   nctten   nctu   chittaphon   tenxreader   tenxoc 
Characters Ten Chittaphon, original characters, NCT members
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 50 subscribers, 3 comments, 18928 words
Status Subscribers Only

  "in which a fan and the person she admires the most encounters each other for the first time as complete strangers."   All Rights Reserved © senosyne 2017-  


By leejinkikissme Updated
Characters Ten, You/Reader
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 2010 views, 1060 words
Status [M], Completed

Resident Nudest

By Milliesarah16 Updated
Tags  johnny   beachau   ten   johnnyseo   johnten   nct   chittaphon 
With 1 chapters, 8 votes, 271 subscribers, 2150 views, 6 comments, 4704 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

My bestfriend's brother

By YukheiChidera Updated
Tags  crush   johnny   reader   lucas   jungwoo   taeyong   mark   ten   lumark   taeten   johnten   nct   chittaphon   tenxreader   luwoo 
Characters Ten, OC, reader, Sara(bff), Lucas, Mark, Jungwoo, Johnny, Taeyong
With 19 subscribers, 1000 views, 107 words
Status Subscribers Only


By exoxnct_trash Updated
Tags  gangs   mafia   romance   rivals   taeyong   smrookies   ten   tenyong   taeten   dojae   winkun   nct   yusol   nctu   chittaphon   johnil   nct127   woocas 
Characters Ten, Taeyong and NCT
With 7 chapters, 13 votes, 593 subscribers, 6780 views, 59 comments, 13119 words
Status Subscribers Only


Tags  fluff   oneshot   romance   drabble   nct   nctten   nctu   chittaphon   tenxreader   nctuten   tenxoc 
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 7 subscribers, 1040 views, 4 comments, 858 words
Status Completed

    All I need is you. 

Atypical Saturday Night

By illuminatingrenjun Updated
Tags  comedy   crack   comedyandromance   ten   jaeyong   leetaeyong   johnnyseo   yutanakamoto   nct   moontaeil   chittaphon   johndo   nct127   yuwin   kimdoyoung   qiankun 
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 16 subscribers, 1900 views, 7 comments, 6703 words
Status Completed

Doyoung wants to know if Sheldon and Amy ends up together after breaking up in the previous season but he was faced with a situation no sitcom can ever compare.

Send Noodz ;)

By donghyuckmyprince Updated
Tags  johnny   humor   texting   ten   tenny   johnten   chittaphon   youngho 
With 47 chapters, 16 votes, 115 subscribers, 5880 views, 113 comments, 53451 words

NCT Prompts.

By hateisonme Updated
Tags  taeil   johnny   prompts   jaehyun   promptshop   yuta   taeyong   ten   jaeten   doyoung   taeten   johnten   nct   nctu   chittaphon   nct127 
Characters nct, mostly ten bc im ten trash ok
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 176 words

Basically, a place where I dump all my ideas and prompts for possible nct fics I'll write in the future. Prompts may be used but of course with giving some credit. 


Tags  angst   fluff   oneshot   romance   you   reader   coarselanguage   ten   nct   nctu   chittaphon 
Characters Main Characters: Ten (NCT) x Tricia (OC)
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 770 views, 2 comments, 2457 words
Status Completed

S A U D A D E S - a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing

01:27 AM

By noturtypical_author Updated
Tags  you   ten   nct   nctu   chittaphon   nctuten 
With 1 comments, 27 words

        Dear, Ten.                                                                 I love you so much, i'm sorry.                                        

Breaking Boundaries

By thelonelywhale Updated
Tags  you   taeyong   ten   tenchittaphon   nct   chittaphon 
Characters Ten Chittaphon, OC, NCT
With 3 chapters, 12 subscribers, 1040 views, 3 comments, 16137 words

Not Sorry

By eunKyu Updated
Tags  you   reader   jhope   ten   nctten   chittaphon 
Characters NCT Ten , Violet Jung (OC)
With 3 chapters, 5 subscribers, 2580 views, 4268 words
Status Completed

  Ten have been eager to meet the girl who broke their relationship again. But when he did , his heart broke just as how as he broke her's before.  Characters - Chittaphon/Ten

The Elite

By chittaphony Updated
Tags  angst   johnny   taeyong   ten   nct   chittaphon   nct127 
Characters nct
With 3 subscribers, 1 comments, 1969 words

It's safe to say that Ten realizes that power is only a breeding ground for all things corrupt and vile.


By tsheykaseira Updated
Tags  dahyun   ten   twice   twicedahyun   nct   nctten   chittaphon 
With 16 chapters, 4 votes, 88 subscribers, 5930 views, 21 comments, 59811 words

Dahyun had only met Ten couple months ago, on boring Saturday. They had hit it off well when they first met, a strong chemistry was born between them just with the first smile they shared, it made a lot easier for them to adjust and grow feeling for each other. But, they had to kept their relationship fairly hidden. They didn't want to get more intimate, because it was risky for them. 

Crushing on a Sadist

By thatwhichremains Updated
With 3 subscribers, 80 views, 1 comments, 71 words

They say that when a person falls in love he/she can withstand whatever pain it maybe. But falling for a person who likes to inflict pain unto others, is like allowing yourself to get broken a lot of ttimes. Will Park Jihan still fall for a person who keeps on hurting her? or will she allow herself to be save by someone who will allow himself to be hurt instead?

It Only Takes A Muscle

By chameleons Updated
Tags  romance   you   chittaphon 
Characters You, Ten.
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 700 views, 4 comments, 3361 words

Ten happens to be the nicest guy who goes around randomly telling people to smile. He's like a nice weather to start off a day but you just wonder why that fact didn't do much to you.   

Escalator Rides

By seventeensarangg Updated
Tags  taeyong   smrookies   ten   taeten   nct   nctu   chittaphon 
With 4 chapters, 7 votes, 696 subscribers, 8430 views, 27 comments, 1086 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

not safe for work

By copyrighted Updated
Tags  taeyong   tenyong   taeten   nct   chittaphon 
Characters taeyong, ten, and possibly the rest of nct
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 103 subscribers, 3660 views, 11 comments, 1043 words
Status Completed


By thelonelywhale Updated
Characters Ten
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 307 subscribers, 2980 views, 2 comments, 2867 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Temporary Sensation

By bytten Updated
With 7 subscribers, 320 views, 1 comments, 1459 words
Status Subscribers Only

Anne is a leader for cheerleading team of Victorian high and Ten is just another schoolboy who attended to one of the school that Anne went to perform her performance.

A guilty conscience

By Kkaebsooong Updated
Tags  angst   johnny   tenny   sr16b   nct   chittaphon   seojohnny 
Characters Chittaphon, Johhny, Hansol (slight mention)
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 155 subscribers, 2820 views, 1 comments, 2234 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Red Dragon and Moonlight

By diquarose Updated
Tags  romance   you   ten   tenchittaphon   nctu   chittaphon 
Characters you, ten, chittaphon, nct, nctu, smrookies
With 3 chapters, 30 subscribers, 1230 views, 8 comments, 6014 words

A leader of a mafia clan with a plain girl who is an orphan.

The Omega's Smile

By 88Beast Updated
Tags  fluff   smrookies   aboau   yuten   yutanakamoto   nct   chittaphon 
Characters Yuta, Ten
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 24 subscribers, 2290 views, 10 comments, 1205 words
Status Completed

Ten was set to become the new head alpha of his pack within the next 3 months. He had finished all of his training and was prepared to lead his pack, but there was just one thing missing…….his mate.