Series (1,626 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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"We look at each other for a little too long to be just friends."

Accident (2)

The Yoona and Kris stories I never thought would be so popular

Little Red (2)

A twisted retelling of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Intergalactic Au (13)

EXO are a group of intergalactic crime-fighters. Not that they do much crime fighting in this series because we're all only here for the relationships.

The Rebels (4)

These series includes Kiss My Soul as the first one, and Rebel Love as its sequels. And it also includes prequel (one shot that would be posted very soon).

(RH) (4)

Stories were all exo members end up with my oc

(QOC) (1)

Stories were all Exo members end up with my oc

Music Series (2)

A Mini-Series for Yoongi of BTS!

Lust, Caution (2)

By aeru

IDOLxOC Series (2)


Back Again (2)

{Tagalog Series} (3)

[Tagalog One-shots] (7)

Completed Stories (3)

Robbers (2)

DAY6 Song Series (1)

(Most likely angsty) oneshots inspired by the songs of DAY6.

Once Creative Circle - Monthly Works (3)

A series of oneshots made in participation with Once Creative Circle's monthsary projects with a different theme for each month.

Unexpected (3)

from one revenge story to another — will love still persevere?

Moment de Aur (4)

A series of stories focusing on different ships in IZ*One that somehow, intertwined with one another. Together, they form a golden moment that shall be cherished eternally.

Love & Fortune (9)

A series about KyuSung love story and arbitrary force that bind them together.

to heartbreaks and HEAs (5)

my personal take on cliché tropes. credit to skyebutterfly for the idea. honestly, i never planned for a series, but all my stories ended up relating to one another. these don't have to be read in order or anything. they can be standalones!

SEVENTEEN's Trilogy (3)

Keep You Close (2)

Blood, Sweat, Tears Collection (1)

The Amorous Designs Series (2)

Baekhyun is an earnest, emotionally gorgeous lawyer with a penchant for poetry and all words that make many fall in love with him. He's wholesome with a hint of danger, but not the type of danger with the intent of harming anything. More like the danger of a controlled demolition. The type of danger where he decimates all sensibility, causing people to succumb into his gravity. However, as beautiful as he is, his life is marred with risky decisions like dating his student and drinking too much.

summerxblessings' Slice of Life Collection (9)

These are realistic fiction stories with multiple pairings, featuring different Kpop groups.

Eternity (3)

Follow the adventure of love, pain and discovery of Kyuhyun the 500 years old vampire that find after all these years his soulmate Siwon once again, when usually no one reincarnated

His Dirty Little Secret (2)

The Shadows (3)

The Spiderweb of Love (2)

Cupid's Cabin (2)

Damned and Forgiven (1)

First Love Series (1)

A whole fluffy teen romance series, remembering the days in High School

Him (2)

Kim Jongin Scenarios (1)

All one-shots that are Jongin-centric

Recreations (6)

drabble (2)

bts (1)

superjunior (5)