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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Beyond the Pitch (wenrene football AU)

Wendy plays for Canada, Joohyun plays for South Korea. Everything changes when they play for the same club team. Would they remain as rivals? Would they become friends? Or would they have something more than a friendship?

Stories written for the Writers Club on GOT7Amino (4)

Stories written for the Writers Club on GOT7Amino

Space Pirate!AU (2)

Ateez members as Space Pirates in my Space Pirate Alternate Universe!

The Cosmic Vitruvian Obsession (4)

In Starship Medical Center, 13 different women will change your life as a doctor, and as a person. How will you cope? How will the drama ensue? And why is it that these women gravitate around you specifically?

Candy (5)

Yellow (3)

Little Monster (2)

Chaeyeon is a gangsta who fell in love with a monster

Kaisoo Politics (3)

Kyungsoo and Jongin are very active poli sci majors and Democratic Party supporters in the US. Enemies-to-lovers saga and their life after Trump got elected (and booted out after one term).

👄 KISS & MAKE UP 👄 (2)

❝ I feel like we about to break up. I just wanna kiss and make up one last time.❞ ❦ Anthology of BLACKPINK ROSÉ ღ male idols fanfics by yours truly which are either completed or ongoing one-shots/stand-alone stories ❣ ❦ 『Cringe Alert ❣ There will be few suggestive contents and explicit make out sessions that might make you uncomfortable ╰(▔∀▔)╯ Read at your own risk ❣ You have been warned anyway ╮(︶▽︶)╭ 』 Simultaneously posted on Wattpad ❣ You can read them all in one anthology bo

KwonChaeng (5)

clinquant (1)

in which the nct members live their own love stories

Infinity stories (3)

Stories that is not complete or on hiatus. Maybe i will make new chapter,maybe not

Continuing stories (4)

Unfinish story of my brother's that i will change a bit to complete the story(slowburn)

Succubus x Werebeast (4)

A one shot of every Succubus Mina and Chaeyoung werebeast stories

Mpreg Oneshots (3)

As of right now it's just a Jikook, Namjin, and Sope mpreg oneshot. I'm considering making oneshots of other kpop mpregs and then make them into stories later? Who knows? I like and mpreg so this will be fun for me of course ^•^

Once Upon a Time (2)

Fairytales starring EXO

My (G)I-DLE Oneshots (9)

(G)I-DLE Lime/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Fluff/Angst Oneshots

LA, Too? (2)

Don't Sass Me (2)

The Beauty of Roses (1)

Flashing lights, dazzling smiles, shimmering gold and unforgettable nights – this is the world of influential men with more money than they can use and power wielded at the mercy of their hands. But behind all the beauty and deception from smooth words and a picturesque fairytale life, the beauty of roses can also be just as dark as it is tempting.

gp!seulrene (7)

collection of all of my gp!seulgi x gp!irene stories.

gp!irene (2)

collection of all of my gp!irene stories.

gp!seulgi (28)

collection of all of my gp!seulgi stories.

Owls (1)

The blue, brown, rainbow, and black owls all coming soon!


In which the BTS members go on a series of 'adventures' that force them to learn how to survive in the wild and fend for themselves.

g!p masterlist (37)

all of my futa fics in one collection.

Rune Chronicles (1)

Six Phases Universe (2)

Did you think that was the last of Baekhyun and the crew? Oh no, this is just the beginning. Alternative descript: I can't let a good thing go.

Vampire's Pet (2)

In a universe where vampire's rule, and humans are taken as Pets.

Through the flower - Jikook flowershop AU (3)

This series contains all oneshots I write in my flowershop AU. The main story from this is "Through the flower". All the other stories build up on it so I suggest you read chronologically, from the oldest to the newest story. Have fun ^^

Quasi Una Fantasia Chronicles (1)

The Untamed Universe (9)

The wolves knew that one day they would meet their mates. One by one, they come along and they find that, while love is never easy, when it's destiny, it's even harder. Reading Order: Fighting Instinct White Out Sculpted Raven Memories Past Charming Instruction Lies Untold Innocent Intentions Midnight Hours Prequels: Catching Rain

Werewolves (3)

Dark & Wild (2)

My dark series of fics

The Runaways Trilogy (3)

Skool Luv Affair (7)

My High School Au fics

The Mourning Diaries (2)

18 year old Jeon Jungkook steps into the world of vampires, one he was not aware existed, until he finds out he is part vampire.

summerxblessings' NCT Collection (1)

NCT x OC pairings

summerxblessings' DAY6 Collection (2)

Focus on slice-of-life and mental health. Most pairings (if not all pairings) will be DAY6 x OC.

La Petite Mort (5)

That kinda sorta Ancient-Egyptian & Royal-Mpreg- AU of XiuChen

Changlix Oneshots (3)

they're all pretty dumb dumb dumb

The Adventures of 8 Introverts and Their y Friend in the Down Under (2)

Follow the life of 9 girls as they make a living in the land of koalas, kangaroos, and Vegemite. See them meet each other, fall in love together, find themselves, and come together to build a home away from home.

Fairytale -Once Upon A Time (6)

A series of oneshots featuring EXO members. The oneshot may not make sense coz obviously, it's a fairytale, darling♡

The Council Series (3)

Elves, Nymphs, Mages, Fairies, Shapeshifters. A look into the lives of the council leaders of every kind.

MCND Oneshots (3)

A buncha oneshots about MCND; the first MCND ffs on aff!

Fox and Wolf Series (1)

A few royal Seungin ffs.

(that's) mine (1)

Shuhua always wears her favorite green t-shirt anytime and anywhere. However, it's missing and she will find the culprit if it's the last thing she does. 

ABO stories (19)

Emoji stories (4)

Unusual Omegas and Alphas (3)

The Alphas and Omegas in this series do not play by the rules or by society standards. They are sometimes reckless and impulsive, they fight and they hurt, but they also love with an intensity that could rival the sun's.

Stories of the Songs (8)

Stories which are inspired by songs. Music is a beautiful creation of God through which thousands of words could be expressed. As a lover of music, when I drown in it sometimes it fills my mind with beautiful stories so here I am sharing them with you. :)

Completed Books (11)

This series is mainly for my completed books.

notebook の code (4)

↻『 BΛCK TO BΛSIC 』 ✕ a layout gallery (3)

↻『 BΛCK TO BΛSIC 』 ✕ a layout gallery contents : 1. main layout thread 2. archive thread 3. coming soon

The Mafia Series (2)

A whole series from the beginning to the end of Mafiaau Baekhyun’s love life.

The Souls Series (8)

Countless stories, interconnected, full of infinite emotions and existence itself.

with you (2)

The Holy Quatrinity (1)

A series centered around the GOT7 members Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, and Youngjae. I just think they are very interesting as a group. Of course, Youngjae, the certified "" of the group, is the one that came up with the misspelled title of their little clique. Finding it amusing, the other boys decided to stick with it and label themselves as "The Holy Quatrinity," a play on the (Un)Holy Trinity. The name has often mislead people into thinking the group is made up of twelve people, but it wa

Song (10)

A post-idolhood Red Velvet future fic series.

Going Crazy (1)

The members of Treasure are looking for love. Will they find it or go crazy trying?


Two part one-shot story