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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Beyond the Pitch (wenrene football AU)

Wendy plays for Canada, Joohyun plays for South Korea. Everything changes when they play for the same club team. Would they remain as rivals? Would they become friends? Or would they have something more than a friendship?

“Memories” Universe (3)

Everything in here can be considered part of the “Memories” universe but they can also be considered standalone fics. You do not need to read all three fics in order to understand or relate to the story.

EXO x Blackpink Stories (11)

🐰🐣SeHo🐣🐰 (1)

A collection of all my SeHo fics for other SeHo lovers

🐱🦕XiuChen🦕🐱 (1)

A collection of all my XiuChen fics for other XiuChen lovers

we are eternal + side stories (2)

tw // - please do not read these stories if you are not okay with uous relationships.

Monster Trilogy (2)

The Sulay Collection (6)

Where all of my Sulay stories can be found...

The Xiuchen Collection (5)

Where all of my Xiuchen stories can be found...

The Taoris Collection (10)

Where all of my Taoris stories can be found...

The Kaisoo Collection (11)

Where all of my Kaisoo stories can be found...

The Baekyeol Collection (15)

Where all of my Baekyeol stories can be found...

The Hunhan Collection (29)

Where all of my Hunhan stories can be found...

Dating Namjoon Series (4)

A collection of visuals and short stories about you and Namjoon Dating! I'm not sure how many are going to make up this series as it could be ongoing or just a few, we'll see! I hope you enjoy!

Day Festival (8)

One-Shots (4)

The Dragon's Antidote (3)

Immortal Soulmate (2)

Oneshots (1)


Blades and Spells (4)

A new home for all of my human warrior Seulgi and elven mage Irene stories so far. Themes, concepts, and plots will vary, but if you find yourself interested in love stories blossoming between our favorite warrior and elven mage in these shots. Then this is the place for you.

Mafia series (5)

Hello there and welcome to my mafia stories collection! You can read each one of these stories as stand-alone :) however, they are still related to each other in case you want to read all of them!

Tiny and Gigantor (4)

a collection of stories involved with the crackship: Park Chanyeol and Shida Mirai

Vampires (4)

Kaisoo Vampires stories

Werewolves (4)

Kaisoo “Werewolves” stories

Kaisoo Oneshots collection (15)

Collection of Kaisoo oneshots

Anthology (8)

A collection of one-shots and short stories.

i'll hold your hand and grow old with you (5)

Collection of my SooShu-centric works. "执子之手与子偕老." For a deeply touching expression of lifelong commitment in love. This Chinese phrase is an alternative to the western saying of "in sickness and in health", and helps articulate your deep dedication to both your partner and your relationship.

i'm much more me when i'm with you (3)

Collection of my SoyeJin-centric works. "난 당신과 있을 때 더 나다워집니다." A Korean translation of a well-known quote about love/relationships. This pertains to when you feel very comfortable around a certain person and can openly express who you really are with them, personality-wise. To know that you can be your true self around someone—whether it's a close friend, a family member, or a romantic partner—is one of the safest feelings in the world.

fate brings people together from far apart (11)

Collection of my MiShu-centric works. "有缘千里来相会." This Chinese proverb about love supports that human relationships are decreed by fate. It suggests that you and your partner were meant to overcome all odds to meet and be together. If fate brings a couple together, it means that there is a reason for the union to occur, reasons that only higher powers or the universe may know.

together with you is my favorite place to be (9)

Collection of my MinQi-centric works. "和你在一起就是我最喜欢的地方." A sweet and romantic way to express fondness for your loved one. This Chinese saying is for partners that love nothing more than each other's company. Whether you’re enjoying the small things or some of life’s biggest moments, the one person you always want by your side is your significant other, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Memeing Is Not A Choice, It's A Way Of Life (4)

Junmyeon gathers all of his friends to take a "family" portrait. It is a chaotic mess.

NDD Universe (1)

I'm Alright (NCT Universe) (2)

Fantasy Universe [VICTON, NCT, SF9] (4)

Rosary Soldier (3)

Love in Aquaria (1)

Secret files series (3)

Series of: You are, Am I? (7)

What is it? Description: This is where Mina's story of being a man at a university begins. It is enough for her to even hold a definite freedom to pursue her dream. But she never been opened nor to the ideas and possibilities of that word. There's something love Description: A story that was meant beyond to non-existent of having love for Sae's misery to engage in a meaningful life. The inspiration behind of her success was designed to one and only she ref

Forever Yours (1)

This tells the story of how all the 12 members of EXO fall in love. With different stories, different plots. (Disclaimer: I write OT12, and the OCs will be named)

lessons with seul (2)

all of my lessons with seul fics.

Submissive (2)

"Desiring you was never been a choice" -Desiring You "I've never regretted it... every single bit of it!" -Lookin' For You "Just tell me that you love me and I'll be yours" -Mad About You

I was bored. (4)

The "I was bored universe" It starts with Tiffany's and Taeyeon's love story, but then they had kids, and one of them happened to have a rather interesting story. In the same universe, Irene Bae is Irene Kim, and well, she too doesn't have it easy.

Backed into Marriage... (3)

Backed into Marriage... Thrown into bed... These powerful men don't play fair or try to make it easy for their unsuspecting significant others. For these men the rules to love are the exact same as the rules to life, But will it remain that way after a marriage contact has been made? Love does not come easy, but it does come...

elysian (1)

even in the world of the wealthy, you need some love too

agape (2)

loving someone is hard, but loving oneself is harder

A Universe for Us (3)

Broken Series (2)

What I Want For My Birthday (1)

The Birthday series for the Birthday fic For My Birthday, I Want A Husband and its sequel, For My Birthday, I Want A Child.

3 Years And A Miracle (2)

The Miracle series for the Xmas fic, Miracle In December and its sequel, For Life.

EXO's personal life au (7)

Fanfic & stories about EXO members' life... Starring Blackpink,Twice,Red Velvet,BTS,SNSD,etc... I highly recommend you to read "Troubles of having IDOL parents" at the end,so you won't be confused:)

The World of Arah (1)


Fate (2)

In a world filled with people empowered by supernatural abilities, nine girls try their hardest to survive the harsh realities that their fate will throw at them.

Harsh Kisses (2)

The N-CITY Series (11)

🐧🐻KaiSoo🐻🐧 (1)

A collection of all my KaiSoo fics for other KaiSoo lovers

🍒🍓ChanBaek🍓🍒 (3)

A collection of all my ChanBaek fics for other ChanBaek lovers


Christmas fics featuring my EXO ships


A series dedicated to birthday fics, platonic or not about my EXO ships. These are my birthday gifts to the boys. We are one. EXO Let's Love💗.

Collections (4)

One-shot collections, drabbles, or other series of short works that may be read as standalones.

Chaptered (3)

Full, novel-length stories. May be featured in Parts of Infinity (although this is not a guarantee for all fics).