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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Push & Pull

He won’t give up, she won’t give in­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­—who’s going to win?

Love Shapes (4)

Seasonal stories (4)

Halloween or Christmas related fics, thus far

Kris Wu fics (6)

Parallelism (2)

Perhaps love might be the only thing that can transcend through time and space. Angst-related.

Christmas Comfort (2)

I have decided to start a Christmas healing series where every Christmas I will publish a completed short story for a little something to end the year on a positive note and start the new one with an enlightened perspective. I have decided to do this after the positive feedback from Safe in Your Arms, a short story featuring Chanyeol that deals with topics of anxiety and mental abuse and the ability to heal. All of the short stories featured in this series will discuss real life, possibly tr

Candi's Oneshots (5)

Dreams That Follow The 》 (3)

One shots following the lives of 6 men, as they grow, learn and change.

Soulmates In Different Alternate Universes (7)

Namjin Seven Deadly Sins (2)

This series will center Namjin through various situations centered around each Deadly Sin. Each story will have it's own universe and story line, none of them will be connected other than the fact that they will center the idea of the Sins. That being said, all of them will have their own rating and in some cases trigger warnings, some are lighthearted and fun, others angsty and tragic. Gluttony: Done. Sloth: Done (Possible Add ons in the Future)

Unneceseries (6)

Unnecessary services I provide for the community :)

Ginger to your Gyudon Collection (4)

OtakuGurL days (2)

Stories I've written as an EXO trash

Growing With Your Challenges (1)

For this series, the focus will be on the High School years of the Red Velvet members. For now, there are four stories planned but depending on the end of the fourth, there is the possibility for more. This will be a journey with the ups and downs of High School students so there will be a variety of genres.

Murderer (5)

Wonwoo Fics (4)

My SVT bias needs more OC fics so here we are ;)

English Stories (8)

My stories in English. --- My translation stories in English with my not-so-perfect English skills.

Other groups (12)

Including: - Shinee - Block B - BAP - VIXX + Boys love and idolxoc +

EXO (24)

EVERY EXO FANFIC I HAVE: - EXO and former exo members (OT12) - English and Spanish. - EXO idol x reader/you - EXO idol x oc - EXO ships (BL)

Boys Love (10)

Boys Love fics written in Spanish or English. Fics Boy Love escritos en español o inglés.

Kris / Wu Yifan x Reader / You (5)

Todos mis fics de Kris escritos en español o en inglés. My Kris' fics written in English or Spanish