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Best Ex Ever (Suho x OC)

Their break-up was Suho’s fault. She gave him everything but got zero in return. They’ve moved on and he’s back to playboy ways. But when an emergency forces them to live together, Seoul’s most sought-after bachelor wonders if he wants freedom again.

Featured Rated [M]

A Boy Named Chanyeol.

By madameunhye Featured
Tags  angst   horikitamaki   romance   chanyeol 
Characters Park Chan Yeol ; Horikita Maki
With 3 chapters, 174 votes, 152 comments, 4246 words
Status Subscribers Only

He knew his life was doomed. He knew his money could never change him. He knew nobody would love him. Park Chan Yeol was hopeless, and everyone knew he would be like that forever. But. . .

Love Is Four letters And So Is Idiot

By YoungWoo17 Featured
Tags  lay   hunhan   suho   sulay   selu   joonxing 
Characters Junmyeon, Yixing, Sehun, Luhan (minor Chanyeol, Baekhyun)
With 1 chapters, 227 votes, 25750 views, 269 comments, 9985 words
Status Completed

  Title: Love is Four Letters and so is Idiot

White Roses

By Brugernavn Featured
Tags  luhan   sehun   xiumin   xiuhan   xiuhun   xiuhunhan 
With 29 chapters, 188 votes, 810 comments, 63269 words
Status Completed

Minseok is the boy Luhan wants to own. Minseok is the boy Sehun wants to protect.  

The Sound Of Love

By fromyourwriter Featured
Tags  wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters Bae Joohyun(Irene); Son Seungwan(Wendy); Kang Seulgi; Krystal Jung; Park Sooyoung
With 2 chapters, 310 votes, 899 subscribers, 21020 views, 161 comments, 11200 words
Status Completed

Joohyun meets Seungwan in a unexpected way: The girl mistakenly sends her a rude text message. Joohyun is able to look past it though, and even though for some reason Seungwan is shy and hesitant, text after text, feelings blossom.  

The Distance Grievances

By minami1826 Featured
Tags  chaerin   jiyong   skydragon 
Characters Lee Chaerin and Kwon Jiyong
With 6 chapters, 185 votes, 1152 subscribers, 12550 views, 134 comments, 25829 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

She loves him eversince she was taught to differentiate the words Affection and Attraction. However, she was just another ordinary girl on his list. True to be told, she's nothing but a mere shy girl who loves to steal glances from a distance.   She knows what to say...she knows what to do... But backs out everytime their distance zeroed.    Until the perfect time comes in her way...   ...that brings that someone

Home Run

By Heyyooim Featured
Tags  fluff   yeri   crack   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters Wendy Irene
With 13 chapters, 288 votes, 1395 subscribers, 42670 views, 301 comments, 111426 words

A series of One Shots. Always fluff because angst just isn't my cup of tea.  

One in a Trillion

By KB0821 Featured
Characters Red Velvet, Blackpink,
With 16 chapters, 400 votes, 1649 subscribers, 48440 views, 671 comments, 85104 words
Status Completed

Wendy and Irene are the married couple trying to figure out how to raise two very opposite girls, their crazy eldest daughter Jisoo and clueless baby Chaeyoung. Seulgi is the hot, single mom who's devoted to her little girl Jennie. Joy and Yeri are as nuts as crazy aunts can be. And Lisa is the neighbor who practically lived in your house.        

salt skin

By fs1919 Featured
Characters byun baekhyun, song hyemi (OC), exo
With 35 chapters, 277 votes, 3025 subscribers, 62560 views, 466 comments, 260790 words
Status Completed

Best friends until the end. That's what Byun Baekhyun had promised Song Hyemi. And then he had left without a trace, phone disconnected, texts unanswered, house empty as the day it was built. She was forced to conclude that he was gone forever and she had been doing so well at pretending he never existed. Until two years later, when she happens to literally run into him at the most unexpected of times. What will she do

EXOplosion Writing Contest

By Zyx110077 Featured
Tags  contest   writingcontest   exo   exok   exom 
Characters Please disable your reader mode when you check out the contest so you can see everything properly.
With 6 chapters, 173 votes, 40820 views, 395 comments, 6144 words
Status Completed


The Chronicle Of Love

By exo_otp Featured
Tags  angst   drama   mpreg   hunhan   kailu   selu   familyau 
Characters EXO, Oh Sehun, Xi Luhan Ft. Ye Zhiyu
With 14 chapters, 240 votes, 1890 subscribers, 839 comments, 21911 words
Status Subscribers Only

What will happen if you knew that you can travel to another year that changed your whole life?  What will happen if you knew that the future changed a beautiful past?                  

The 7th Demon: Reset

By littlepenguins Featured
Tags  fantasy   romance   supernatural   you   exo   exok   baekhyun   darkromance 
Characters Byun Baekhyun (EXO) and Shim Eun Joo
With 16 chapters, 217 votes, 879 comments, 29755 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

"There’s an empty world deep in my heart, save me I wanna reset

the story of us

By seulgishyun Featured
Tags  angst   redvelvet   seulrene   joyri   wenji   divorceau 
Characters kang seulgi, bae irene, son wendy, park joy, kim yeri, jung eunji
With 3 chapters, 465 votes, 1801 subscribers, 37450 views, 299 comments, 61686 words
Status Completed

Seulgi’s world ends in a small, square room. Four walls and white, with a broken beat in the background that she slowly realizes is her heart.

Not Enough

By itskim Featured
Tags  snsd   supernatural   taeny   vampire   yulsic 
Characters Yuri, Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany, SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior
With 27 chapters, 195 votes, 1425 subscribers, 26280 views, 532 comments, 75366 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

The start is the end.      

Your abstract concept of gravity

By ReVeLand Featured
Tags  seulgi   irene   redvelvet   seulrene 
Characters Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri
With 1 chapters, 384 votes, 1220 subscribers, 22820 views, 162 comments, 9365 words
Status Completed

“W-what do you think you’re doing?” she stammers out as Irene pushes her against the wall, one hand wrapping around her waist and the other around her neck. “Shut up and play along."

Mine For A While (Taehyung, Jin, Yoon Gi & OC)

By SeaSunSand Featured
Tags  fluff   romance   jin   yoongi   bts   taehyung   drama00angst   highschoolbts 
Characters Taehyung (V), Jin and OC
With 56 chapters, 217 votes, 88960 views, 2655 comments, 365765 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

There is nothing Tanya won't do for Jin. She secretly nurtures the hope that the one she adores will someday realize that nobody in the world could love him as much as she does. She patiently waits for the blessed day when their friendship finally turns into something more. Knowing she is not attractive enough to match his splendid dream boy looks, she makes up for it with unreserved devotion and takes care of all he needs so that his perfect self will not break a sweat. That’s why her world


By bluecoins Featured
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Jongdae, Kyungsoo, exo
With 12 chapters, 271 votes, 43660 views, 271 comments, 72602 words
Status Completed

Baek Hyun has been getting relentless calls from a strange number at the strangest times and he decided to post the contact number on some gay dating website for the calls to stop. It was supposed to work, goddamnit.

Parallel Roads (Meet Sometimes)

By WoodlandSparrow Featured
Tags  drama   fluff   baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters baekhyun, chanyeol, kyungsoo, kai, etc
With 17 chapters, 275 votes, 2025 subscribers, 39290 views, 618 comments, 47328 words
Status Completed, Members Only

Baekhyun wants to be a singer, like his idol, Chanyeol, who happens to be hating life at the moment. Perhaps meeting would be beneficial for both.

Something to Love

By xealise Featured
Tags  seulgi   yeri   joy   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
With 10 chapters, 305 votes, 1311 subscribers, 31480 views, 252 comments, 40474 words
Status Completed

When Wendy is scared of her boss Bae Irene.

Monochromatic Hearts

By greensooshi Featured
Characters Jongin, Kyungsoo, other EXO members as they appear
With 21 chapters, 428 votes, 2293 subscribers, 69620 views, 1120 comments, 136636 words

Knocking up a non-celebrity is definitely not included in the list of records Jongin wants to break.