21 goals (New)

Since it is 2021 I decided that I will try to do 21 things this year. I know it maybe impossible since most people just have 1 resolution per year and even that is difficult to complete, but I want to do I guess semi-small things so I can simply pat myself on the back. I will cross these out as I complete them. :)

1) Complete at least 7 stories by the end of 2021. This can be a combination of short stories or one shots.

2) Learn how to code a layout.

3) Make an awesome poster.

4) Add in a new aspect to every Adobe project to be made.

5) Make a new friend.

6) Open my own graphic/trailer/layout shop.

7) Make tutorials for graphics (photoshop/gimp) and trailers.

8) Write a story about idolxidol.

9) Write a story about 2 new groups that I have never written about before. (1 boy group and 1 girl group, does not have to be the same story)

10) Finish writing two interactive stories!

11) Maybe open a contest or two of my own.

12) Begin writing and/or finish writing a series.

13) Complete a set of one shots.

14) Help finish a co-author story.

15) Write a story inspired by a song that isn't Kpop or Korean/Asian.

16) Write stories inspired by a few songs (can be Korean/Asian).

17) Write a story from first, second, and third person POV (in 3 different stories).

18) Complete 12 trailers by the end of 2021.

19) Complete 15 posters by the end of 2021.

20) Reach a word count of 144,000 by the end of 2021.

21) Read 7 stories by the end of 2021, can be a mix of EXO or non EXO fics.

Bonus: Place a bid for a story that means something to me.

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