2021 Story Schedule

Hello! Below is my tentative plan of when A) I will either release a story or B) Complete a story by. I don't know if I will actually stick to it but better to have something to follow and do. 😊 some of the release titles may be changed later or not released on the date because it may not be developed by then! I know it's not quite 2021 yet but I can't wait anymore lol.


To Release date:

Story Title, date to release

There's Jongin, Nini, and then..., January 14

There is Sehun, Thehun, and then..., April 12

I Am Lu..., April 20

Candy Series, May 6

Barkie my pet!, May 6

Overdose, May 7

My Superman, My Superhero, May 22

Beautiful Accidents, June 2

Monsters, June 9

Detective 5, July 6

My Summer Neighbors, October 4

THH, TGG Series, October 31

CRY, October 31

Obsession - I Want You, November 27

To Complete by date: *approx dates only*

Date, Story Title

Late January, Love Again

March/May, Masked Brides

April 1, Exo Gets A Daughter!

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