CEO AU! Plots (Closed for now)

1 )  C E O  A Us

- t h e  r e v e n g e

Person A broke up with Person B when he proposed to him, because Person B had no stable job, lots of debt and none of his business ideas seemed promising. Years later Person B is a successful CEO of one of the biggest companies in South Korea and ironically Person A applies unknowingly for a position close to Person B. Filled with the thirst for revenge the CEO promotes him to his personal secretary, wanting to showcase Person A everyday what a perfect man he became and to make him regret his past decision. Little did he know that he'd fall in love all over again and little did Person A know, that Person B was already married off to the daughter of the politician, who sponsored his company and made his success possible in the first place.

- t h e  c h e a t e r  a s  c e o

Person A who is now the CEO of one of the biggest companies in South Korea never thought he'd get a chance to see Person B again after he cheated on him years ago. However, as ironic as life can be Person B who's desperately in search for a job starts as his secretary, almost fainting at the sight of Person A on his first day. Old feelings start coming back over time, making things hard for both of them. (A serious trauma could be added at this point. Perhaps Person A even betrayed him with his best friend. Or Person A could have a plausible reason for cheating. There are literally almost no limits in expanding those plots.)

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