April updates

It feels so long ago since I last updated.... and I am so pissed lol. I had a freaking draft of exactly what I wanted to say and the freaking page reloaded and so now I am back to square damn one. Lmao. Anyways ranting aside.

I have a theory as to why we still get story updates but when we go there we see nothing. When you go to subscriptions there is a past favorites option, and underneath those titles there is an unsubscribe option and when you click the story it says that you're already unsubscribed. But idk why or how it still gives you updates but it does. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think it's an extra step we have to take to fully be unsubscribed kind of like "are you triple sure you don't want to read this story anymore?" Type of deal. So we'll just have to manually do it for all of them. But think of this as a kind of good thing because then we can track our reading history longer that way beyond the 10 or so story history visits it allows us to see. I was going to put this on my feed but there's too many characters lol, so I made it a full blog just because and for you all. 😆 I think we all kinda need it, don't you think?

Bambi hit 20,000,000 views in 4 1/2 days, Exo-ls are really something else, but this is good haha. I approve!!! Lmao. But I still feel sad that he kept his thyroid condition from us all and he is enlisting on his birthday, I keep thinking we're in May already or that it is so close by but April just started. Let's support our baby yeah? Also, he is so adorable during his online fanmeeting!!! 

Chanyeol is to air Tomorrow, depending on which time zone you are in, tomorrow XD but if you want the date it will be April 6 at 6 p.m. KST! He is so amazing and spoils us Exo-ls so much. Make sure to support him still despite everything that happened. Subscribe to his nng studio! 🥺

And then there is Xiumin and his xiutweet time vlives and his performance of Obsession!!! Oof! 😂 I was not ready for that. Also check him and Baekhyun out on their reaction to Bambi on their YouTube channel. Not to mention Baekhyun unboxing Bambi on vlive!!!!!!!!!! 

Also, this year I didn't prank anyone for April fools, but who did you prank if you did? XD instead I got pranked by random people on Twitter with Exo photos lmao. I fell for them all XD

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