What are karma points? & Keeping your comment streak.

Karma points is a method to advertise your stories (or your favorite author's, just make sure to let them know that way they aren't surprised). Or you can buy layouts with it, send it to other users' (for example shops for requesting posters, doing ads, and other stuff, or even just sending them to friends). How do you get karma points? You get them by commenting on stories. There is a daily comment streak per day. It begins from the time you comment your first comment. But if you miss it, meaning you don't have to comment at 5 o clock pm every night, but within the 24 hours before that time again so as not to lose your streak and have to begin again. But you might want to do this to change the time or something, but like I said you got 24 hours to comment on a story before losing it. 

This is copied straight from the website's faq page: (to get to that page go here).

Q: What is karma for?

A: Karma can be used to purchase particular features such as advertising, story transfers to other accounts, sending messages to non-friends, the ability to see who is currently reading your story and chat with them (Gold members only), or a username change on Asianfanfics. You will also need at least 10 karma points to gain the ability to vote up stories. Think of it as AFF currency. The primary purpose of karma gain is to provide an incentive for users to interact with others.

Q: What is the daily story comment streak?

A: Commenting on another author's story will add to your comment streak on a daily basis (+1 to your comment streak for each new day).

The karma you receive for commenting also increases by a multiplier based on the number of digits of your streak. For example, if your streak is 11, then your karma multiplier is at 2x, and if you have a 107 day story comment streak, then your multiplier is at 3x, and so on. So if you're earning 1 karma point per story comment and your comment streak is at 145 days at a 3x multiplier, you will be earning 3 karma points per story comment as long as your story comment streak continues. If you miss your streak, your multiplier goes back down to 1x. (So try not to miss it!)

The story comment streak is meant to encourage more story comments and to help support the authors. It's not mandatory to participate of course but if you're going to, the authors would certainly appreciate the comments! If you really want to play along, comment on the stories you haven't commented on before! (I highly recommend that you do this!)

Let me know if you have other questions regarding karma points or if you have more insider's tips about it. I will add it here :D until then let's find out how to use layouts!

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