Updates in March

It's been a while hasn't it? Anyways... so apparently Exo has been plagiarized twice in the past year... Lay’s mv Lit and Baekhyun's album cover... this is so disappointing... but on the good news... a lot of stuff is happening soon... they are finally going to release Sehun's movie Cat!!! And then Chanyeol also has a movie upcoming! I know he is going to enlist this month 🥺 but hey at least we get a little of him before he goes.


ugh the mofo disrespect this has will come back and bite him one day. I swear. 😅 and I will be there to laugh it up when it happens.



Apparently this isn't the first time he did something like this... I think this guy's career needs to be over with. https://coconuts.co/jakarta/lifestyle/indonesian-rapper-young-lex-under-fire-for-allegedly-plagiarizing-chinese-artist-lay-zhangs-mv/

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