Tarot Reading

  1. Love – it is hard to find the one who really love you for who you are, this year it’s not a good year for him to find the real love. Someone might be fake when what she actually mean or need is his popularity.
  2. Work – he will find his love for music and it would feels like he’s coming back to where he is. Doing music with friends after such a long time would makes him more passionate.
  3. Money – he shouldn’t have to worry about money, but spending cluelessly on something is not a good thing either. He must be into his new hobby as he keep spending his moneu to buy furnitures, although it won’t influence him that much.
  4. Family – his mother has a lot of worries for him this year.
  5. Health – i think this year YG will push him into works much more than other members. It might be that his time for serving the military is near, that’s why YG keep pushing him into projects to earn some before his military service coming.


hehehe... it's just a tarot card everyone... it might be true, but it might be not...



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