AFF Question(s)


Does anyone get instant notifications?  Is that still a thing?  Or did they just give up on that?  Like I'm supposed to get them and they worked for like a day but then stopped.  and that was like a year ago and it hasn't worked since.  So is it just me they don't work for?  Or everyone? i did ask help about this but once again, it's been like a year and nothing has changed 


Also, does the tag search/tag exclude function work for anyone? or once again, is it just me?  If i type anything into either bar, I get a "no results found" page.  even if I type a common tag without anything excluded... nothing. nada. 


I feel like AFF has all these useful features that just never ing work, at least not for me, and it's really frustrating.  like i'd love to search a tag without having to wade through a bunch of stuff I know I don't want to read, but i can't because the search function doesn't work.  i'd love to just type the tag i'm looking for into the search bar instead of having to find it in the popular list, but I can't cuz it doesn't work. 


I feel like my page is just a blackhole or something.  everytime they update the site with something useful, it doesn't work. *SIGH*


so anyone else have these problems?  Or is it really just me? 


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