My first time fishing! (Well.... sorta.)


I was so excited! It was my first time NET fishing today. We had to wake up at 6am and leave at 7. The river was around 2 hours away and the time allowed to fish ended at 12 am. We got 50lbs of Smelt fish! (10 lbs per person. My whole fam. went, so 50 lbs. :D) Lemme tell ya, it was so. much. fun. 

6a0120a5c94e03970b01310f2bbb13970c-800wi (Not mine. But it's practically the same thing. lol)


At first, my aunt was going on about how we're so late, and there's too many people so we won't get any fish. (They wanted to go at 4. 4 am here is pitch black darkness. As in, ARE YOU TRYING TO DIE? Driving at 4 am is already pretty bad, but wading in water at 6am? No thanks.) There WERE a ton of people at 9, but there was more than enough fish to go around. The water was freezing, but the adrenaline from catching the fish got everyone in the water. (Except my mom and aunt. They were helping to put the fish in the buckets and recording as well.) SHOUT OUT TO YOU RUSSIAN/BOSNIAN STRANGER! (I think.... I only heard them speak in native tongue for about 10 sec. XD) He gave us free fish! So thanks so much dude! Nicest person ever. 


I had such an awesome day and I hope everyone else did too!

(PS. For all the vegetarians/vegans/animal activists that may or may not chew me out for this, CHILL! The state government only allows this type of fishing 2-3 times a year as a way of population control! It all depends on the Smelt birth rates! Not to mention, it's pretty fun and delicious.....)

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