Looking for..

Hey guys,

Um... I'll just go to the main point of this blog.
I'm actually looking for a story, I can't remember the title and I can't find it anywhere under my subscriptions but I wanna re-read it.

The storyline is smth similar to a story "You're My Mistress". From what I remembered, there's EXO or TVXQ or other grp, but I can't remember. The OC was kept in their hse as slave for the leader. They fell in love blahblahblah. And there's a part where the main guy was shot while he's in a gang fight, they brought him back to the dorm where they OC was still locked in. The OC quickly went and assisted them. After that, she also recommended them to a friend(?) of hers who is a doctor and could help. She was a mysterious girl, in their opinion. Since they dont know much about her.

If any of you happen to read, pls pls pls lemme know. I'll ... thank you a lot. THANKS!!!


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