Strawberry milk and ElSoGeum

Crayon Pop's new subunit 'Strawberry milk' has recently released their music video and mini album. Strawberry milk consists of the twins Choa and Way from Crayon Pop. " 

 Personally I really enjoyed the song. It's fun and upbeat. It has a kpop feel and even and anime opening feel and I love anime.

Listen to the mini album here 

While the twins are busy with promotions Gummi, Ellin and Soyul are confirmed for dream team. I believe it to be korean wrestling. Here is the like of some pics of Ellin.


Because the twins are out and busy I expect Ellin to be very bored and having no choice but to move on to Soyul, but Gummi won't allow it by matching with Soyul at a public event. 

I really believe the love triangle is beginning. Commence war! El-So or Gumyul. Leave your votes in the poll. Embedding isn't working so click here


I wonder if any of you are wonder when Ellin is able to do it with soyul behind Gummi's back. Well she can do it when Gummi is filling for a new web series called 'six person room's or something like that. It's a web series to promote safety and caution about industrial accidents. Sorry but I think this show is giving me a different meaning that is I got to the hospital I'll be able to meet Gummi. Anyway Gummi will be staring along with Bang Sunghoon (no idea who he is). Their character are supposed to fall in love and stuff. Not kissing please. anyway pictures. 

Now, I am a little cautious of Gummi actually developing a relationship with this guy cause as you know Gummi is not getting any younger. So I guess Ellin can use that to get to Soyul. I swear to God no kissing please.


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