What Happened to Winglin?

Does anyone know what exactly happened to Winglin? Are they shut down for good? For anyone who knows the history of this site, I made AFF because Winglin lost the stories written by a good friend. She was pretty broken up about losing them so I made this place to do something about it. I never thought Winglin would close. She loved that place and I have good memories of her hunched over her desk writing stories to post on the fabled Winglin.

Did they warn anyone? Let people backup their stories before they shut down? She probably still had a few stories on Winglin that she never got to bring over here. It would have been nice to know that her stories lived on in other places.

I don't know what happened to Winglin but I can guess since I'm sure we've run into the same problems. My best guess is that Winglin couldn't financially sustain itself. Perhaps the owner just wanted a simple site of their own for their stories and never thought about it. But once your site gets very popular, every site owner discovers something pretty quickly: servers and network infrastructure is really expensive. AFF alone costs thousands of dollars a month just to exist. Most people can't pay that cost out of their own paychecks so the site has to make enough to sustain itself. I know how hard that is. I'd personally rather work on new features than talk to sales people but it's unavoidable.

Another guess that's tied to the first is that they might not have known much about servers or perhaps also programming. They had lost a bunch of stories a few years back and it was most likely due to hardware failure (it happens a lot). But a good admin expects hardware to fail and builds redundancies and backups to ensure that nothing is lost. It's a founder's responsibility to safeguard the work that people have entrusted to you.

If anyone knows Winglin's owner, let me know. I'd be interested in taking over just to let it keep running and maybe even manage to save some of the stories that are there. It's had a long history and it would be a shame to let it die with a whimper.


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CyndyL #1
Hey everybody spread the word! This link takes you right to winglin! https://web.archive.org/web/20080525101315fw_/http://www.winglin.net:80/fanfic/

I used to be an avid follower of Winglin and have posted several stories up there. I’ve been devastated after finding out winglin was gone and I didn’t back up any of my stories. I just accessed the website and I found my stories :) I don’t know what the deal was but I hope this link to winglin stays up and active. If not, I really hope someone takes over the site and keep it going.
You could try https://web.archive.org/web/20090609093255/http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/(name of story)?? Works for me so far
archer_16 #3
hi .. i just wanna ask!?
in this link "http://winglin.net.ipaddress.com"
it say the website is updated on jan.15.2017
why is that??

IP Address of Winglin is
Hostname: winglin.net
IP Address:
Host of this IP: jw.yanglion.com
Organization: Colo4, LLC
ISP/Hosting: VPS Datacenter, LLC
Updated: 01/15/2017 06:09 PM
City: Southfield
Country: United States
State: Michigan
Postal Code: 48075
Timezone: America/New_York
Local Time: 01/22/2017 10:46 AM
ainto87 #4
GAIZ THE LINK THAT JJIWON GAVE REALLY WORKS!!! (for most of the links, sadly not all)

I really loved it.and I found it so late.
there was 2 story uncompleted.... T_T
I was so shocked...
Really bad!
jjiwon #6
Hiii i juste found à website ou have normaly all the winglin story if you have the link of the story it's http://web.archive.org hope you find you're happiness!!!
Oh my goodness just knew that winglin had been shut down
how could that happen TT_____TT #sobsinthecorner
farahhuhu #8
Miss winglin soooo much sobsob...
I miss winglin aswell, it was my first space to read kpop, jpop, asian drama related...I'm so sad for the good fanfics that are lost; I was reading a fanfic named " Slave" , it was lost, I can never end it :( I hope they can return, and bring back all the fanfics!
winglin is my first place that inwrote my fanfic...I never actually had a copy of mu qork except in a diskette but yhen it doesn't work anymore...kinda make me sad if it's shut down...is there anyway we can have access yo our own fic back?
stardust299 #11
I was a writer on winglin back in 2001/2002
I've only had a few fanfics tho, I started rewriting fanfics in like 2010 and I was posting on winglin but unlike back in 2001/2002 when I was in highschool It takes me like at least a month to update.. anyways I didn't even know winglin was down until I was trying to update one day on winglin in 2013 or 2014 and it just wasn't working.

It was very annoying, my very old stories from way back in 2001/2001 I didn't backup, I switched computers like 5 times since that time, and my new work from 2013/2014 I have them mostly backuped (missing a few chapters here and there)

I actually ran into a few writers on winglin that started their own blog to post their own writing. and I also started my own blog too. and a few of my faithful readers actually searched long and ahrd and found my blog so I've been very blessed and grateful.

Anyways I hope all the writers keep writing and sharing your work either on here or other websites or blogs! Don't be discouraged!
I miss that site sooo much T_T
Started out as a double J & Bebu author/reader
Then moved to kpop
hotndorky #13
hi guys! i just want to ask if anyone of you know the title of an old winglin fanfic about a girl being arrange marriage to a boy at her school whos her enemy and who used to bully her. i dont know if my memory is correct but i think it starred the dbsk band. im searching titles ike Arrange marriage to the dbsk devil or jerk but i can't find any. please help me? haha. i really want to read it again and i remember reading it on wattpad before. please help? thank you!!
I miss winglin as well. that is were I fell inlove with Yunjae..And I used to post stories there also..Good thing I transferred here before they shut down..I really missed that site though..I had alot of Yunjae story subscriptions that I'm dying to read..TT_TT
xueqing #15
Sigh, i missed Winglin too. Was an author from there and can't go back to finish up the stories I've wrote halfway. Missed those days where there were daily updates from a lot of the stories that I loved to read.