Quiz #140 What Kind of Names Do You Like?

long time no quiz rite...so, take quiz n share ur full results(with the descriptions n maybe your opinions if there are any) : 

besides, i'm bored n this is fun...



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          You Like Names That Are Cutting Edge and Exotic



        You love creative names and names from foreign cultures.

You believe names should be expressive and interesting.

You like names that are unusual, striking, and powerful.

You couldn't imagine naming your child or pet anything "normal."

Some female names you might like: Amaya, Celestine, Danessa, Fawn, Kenya, Monet, Serenity, and Tia

Some male names you might like: Drake, Flint, Harley, Kendrick, Pascal, Romeo, and Timber



hmm, okay...the irony though when i actually like to use common names for my original characters...lol.


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