Jessica VS Krystal

So I happen to have an online friend who likes f(x) but hates SNSD.

She always blabber to me about how amazing f(x) is which I agree because I am a fan myself. Her bias is Krystal and she loves and adores her. However, she hates Jessica and said she was a useless member no one cares.When she starts to cuss and swear at how ty SNSD is, I got mad and told her to keep shut if negative comments about SNSD is going to come out of .

She was sent me "Calm down, woman! I have my own opinion, k?"

She knows I hate the word 'K' and she said it to anger me even more. I know this sounds really childish but it's not all.

After a few weeks, we were talking about K-pop again and I told her that I did not really like how Krystal acted in the ice-skating thingy show. (I only saw the clip)

P/S: Krystal was criticised for being rude and insensitive for more than three times. Go google it if you don't believe me.

She started writing multiple " You" and I was like "What? Freedom of Speech, okay?" 

She said I was being rude and insensitive for saying it in my face and told me Jessica was a and . So I decided to fight back for my ultimate bias. The thing is I didn't even insult Krystal, not at all. I only said I did not really like how she acted. Who knew that 'amazing' online friend of mine decided to throw these words on Jessica who is Krystal's sister. 

We didn't chat for a while online until two weeks and she told me she recently followed a Anti-Jessica IG account and Twitter account which she LOVED. I knew she said this to rub salt on my wound. She decided to say that Jessica sounds very whiny every time she sings or talk and have no talent whatsoever. I ignored her and was like "Bye, . Running away from your bull!

See that Demi reference, eh eh?

So the point is that I find some Krystal fans really rude and arrogant. They tend to degrade other idols to glorify their own. WTF? I'm done with her and have not chat with her online for probably 2 months already.

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