It's Okay, It's Love

Where to start?



Okay, I'm here to do a short review, so I'll try keep the fan girling in check.


  • Not cliche!!! (Original plot and development. No car accident --> lost memory. No rich guy poor girl --> unobtainable love.)
  • Humorous. Dynamic jumps between serious topics and relaxed jokes.
  • AMAZING CAST. Enough said.
  • Expresses complex ideas and allows room for the audience to gauge what they have learned from the drama.
  • Main female protagonist is independent, and feminism/gender equality is shown.
  • Realistic yet fantastic. Set in the urban city of Seoul but travelling also to Japan Okinawa for certain scenes. The drama is relatable to most people.
  • Characterisation is intricately planned. Every character is three-dimension (as opposed to flat and dull). No protagonist/established "good" character is perfect. No antagonist/established "bad" character is evil beyond redemption.
  • Davichi, Chen (EXO), and various other amazing artists sing the OST soundtracks for this drama. Also notable is the repetitive use of Hero's "Family of the Year" and Twin Forks' "Cross My Mind".


  • The beginning does NOT do the rest of the drama justice. If you make it to about episode 10, you'll fall in love. If you drop it within the first 2 episodes, I can only pity your loss.
  • Sometimes too fast paced. You need to be intellectually capable to keep up with what's happening, or else a lot of important things will slip past you when viewing this drama.
  • Main female protagonist is sometimes rude/unlikable for the benefit of shaping and developing her character.


Episodes One~Two: Initially it's all a bit confusing.

So we start the drama with a bit of a "what's going on" sort of feeling. The characters are thrown at us just randomly, without a noticeable reason and plot development. The main guy and girl hit it off pretty badly. Cliche yet not cliche first meeting.

The viewer ratings aren't so great after these first two episodes (dropping from 4th to 7th in Seoul by episode 3), most likely because the beginning doesn't really capture the audience. I had thought about abandoning the drama after seeing episode 1, but I persisted mainly because I love Jo In Sung and Do Kyungsoo and Lee Kwangsoo and well...all the actors and actresses in the drama.

Episodes Three~Four: Introducing psychology as the main theme.

Main girl is a psychiatrist. The drama is listed under "psychology" and "romance". We expected this.

Perhaps you'd be really intrigued by these next few episodes, because the cases that the psychiatrists deal with is quite diverse. If emotions and human relations and science isn't really your thing, however, you'll find these episodes pretty average.

Episodes Five~Six: y times.

A few internet critics (ie. me and myself) have pointed out that the drama is receiving lower viewer ratings than anticipated due to its unsuitable R18 themes evolving around uality and mature love. But, as we all know, young adolescents probably find this very interesting and exciting. Maybe the viewer ratings just aren't high on cable TV - because everyone's watching it secretly cooped up in their rooms via the internet. *ed smile*

Episodes Seven onwards: Development of themes, characters and plot...Something doesn't feel right.

Now, if you've stuck with this drama (and review) until this point, then congratulations you've made it to the . Finally we begin to pick out patterns and motifs that had been previously brushed aside. The psychological theme really starts to settle in, and we see that THERE IS NO PURELY BAD PERSON OR GOOD PERSON IN THE STORY.

This is the most important for me - the characterization. Yes, obviously we should love the protagonists and be on their side. However, just because they're likeable doesn't mean they're perfect. We see that the main girl is selfish. We see that the main guy is weak. The previously violent brother of the main guy is actually not all that he appears to be. The seemingly angelic mother is human afterall.

Superstitious side note: and is it just me or do the numbers 2,4 and 7 pop up frequently in the drama? See if you can spot what I'm talking about! (I took notice because my spiritual numbers are 4 and 7. Or so I reckon anyways)

Thanks for reading! Please give this drama a chance if you haven't started/haven't bothered finishing it! The last episodes will have English subtitles sometime later today (hopefully)! I'm just really disappointed with the viewer rating...the ranking dropped from 4th all the way to under top 10...

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