Year1! ^_____^

Hello there! Niya Park imnida.. Sorry because I've been hiatus for a week or hiatus from update any fanfics that I made.. Woaaahhhh~~~~~ Without I realised, It's been 1year since I join AsianFanfics.. I made a lot of fanfics but some of that I'd not publish yet.. XD . Anyway,, thanks all for everything.. Thanks to read my fanfics from O/C-Donghae ff to Luna-Ravi ff.. THANKS ALOT!!! ^______^b and also thanks to Kpoppers especialy ELF that gives me an idea to make this ff.. And also to my STARLIGHT buddy,, +YunnieLotus17,, ThanKyu because you gave me lots of spirit and briliant idea to typing, copied, paste and publish on AFF.. ThanKyu coz you brought me into this world.. And........ I will ended ff O/C-Donghae & O/C-Taemin and also I will delete 'Expectation At School' BUT I will re-upload ff about Amber-Krystal because I want to upload //MaybeTheLastFF// the new FF Jiyeon-Leeteuk-Ravi and then start back to study.. Hope I can continue my study soon.. AMIN.. ^______^ OK! I will update all ff soon but I will if I had laptop in front of me //ButIDontHave// XP Annyeong~~~~~~ ^___________________^


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