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Rule 1: Post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagged asked you, then make 10 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 5 and link them to this post.
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1. Your life's goals?
Be a full-time writer and editor, and live in a secluded area of a beach. That way I can write without any neighbors bothering :p
2. Do you listen to FMdate everyday?
Not every day, with work and all. But I read the daily translations and download every BORA (viewable radio) episode.
3. Why you're here on AFF?
Mostly to read but I also write if I have time (and the mood) to do so.
4. Do you do art? if you do, What media you enjoy the most?
Does singing count? If it is, then yes :) Besides writing, I think singing really helps me to express my feelings.
5.Your Blood type? Does it match with your personality?
I'm an O type, and yes, a LOT of it matches my personality :p
6.What genre of movies you like? Name 5 title in your top list!
I really like movies based on or inspired by true stories. There are always some life lessons there. My top five list would be: Argo, the Social Network, Walk the Line, Ray, and Coach Carter.
7.Do you like Girls' Generation? Why and why not?
YES I DO. Because they're funny!
8.Your bias list? why?
Just Sunny and Taeyeon. Because they are the epitome of cuteness and iness embodied in fun-size bodies :))
9.Are you an active social media user? Which media?
Yes. Just Twitter, because it's where Sunshiners updates news about Sunny :)
10.Final Question. If you could be a drink, which drink you want to be?
Well I'm not a drinker, so I don't know their names. But if I could, I'd be soju and beer (somaek), because it's Sunny's favorite :p
Added Questions:
1. What is Girls' Generation to you?
2. What is your opinion SM's new girl group, Red Velvet?
3. Which K-Pop song do you play on repeat nowadays? Why?
4. Which K-Pop music video is your favorite? Why?
5. Which korean TV show is your favorite? Why?
6. Do you like to watch Korean movies? Why?
7. If you could have 100 million dollars to spend, what would you do?
8. If you only have one day left to spend, what would you do?
9. If you could be anybody/anything for a day, who/what would you be?
10. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
I tag sparkling-sun, barney01, jasminelep, achiejea, and Chione.
P.S. I'm tagging you back Chione, since you have nothing to do :p
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