Quiz #138 What Bright Color Are You?

oh...a new colour quiz...makes me excited><...lol.

take quiz n share results with me^^ : http://www.blogthings.com/whatbrightcolorareyouquiz/





          You Are Bright Orange



        Your brightness is open, alluring, and generous. You are always ready to spread some happiness around.

You love to connect with people, especially when you are in a good mood. You like to uplift and inspire.

You bubble with enthusiasm, but you know that there is a place and time for your energy. More than anything, you put people at ease.

You are warm and welcoming. You are confident enough to tell a good story but also assured enough to just sit back and listen.



^ hmm...orange? lol...that's a rare colour for me to get in colour quizzes...but anyway...i'm not sure if this even sound like me..so....idk...my 2nd closest result is purple..which i'm not sure either...lol.



other results:


          You Are Bright Blue



        Your brightness is calm, accepting, and practically transcendent. You often operate on a higher plane.

You are compassionate and understanding. You don't judge others, even when they are at fault - you prefer to help.

You are idealistic but never dogmatic. You work on improving yourself instead of forcing the world to change.

You are content with what you have, and you don't get hung up on worldly success. You believe in purpose over profit.




          You Are Bright Pink



        Your brightness is passionate and playful. You often don't have a care in the world... and you revel in that.

You are a true and complete optimist. You believe that negative thinking can be incredibly toxic.

You are a positive influence on those around you. More than anyone else, you are able to see the bright side.

You love life, and you refuse to let anything or anyone cramp your style. You're here for fun, and anyone is welcome to join you.




          You Are Bright Purple



        Your brightness is sensitive and emotional. You feel very deeply, and you are connected to the world.

You find perspective and wisdom in the world. You don't react quickly, and you absorb everything going on around you.

You remain hopeful about all aspects of life. You are especially concerned with justice and quality of life for everyone.

You are real with everyone you meet, and you allow yourself to be vulnerable. You would put yourself out there, flaws and all.




          You Are Bright Yellow



        Your brightness is spotless, orderly, and tidy. You are big on getting all your ducks in a row.

You are clearheaded and not easily swayed by the world around you. You remain motivated and focused.

You are very independent and self-reliant. You are proud of what you are able to accomplish.

You are able to help friends in need and to be able to be counted on. You have proven yourself trustworthy.





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