STARLIGHT Friend Meeting W/ yunnielotus17

(Sing) Welcome to my world~~~ Welcome to my world~~~ ROCK UR BODY, BODY~~!! ROCK UR BODY, BODY~~~!!!!! ///// Happy day for me yesterday because finally +yunnielotus17 are back to Penang (Even just for one day but It's okay) Glad to meet her again since she live in Johor.. Both of we having fun yesterday.. ^____^ At least I fulfil my promise to treat her lunch at Subway.. Yesss!! The awesome moment is when we singing at norebang (Karoke right?). Usually, people had 4hours to karoke at there. But, we're missunderstood because I got a cupon from 4.30p.m. to 7.30p.m. but atcually until 8.30p.m.. So, the first 1hour we sang like usually but for 2hours after, we sang a half of each song that we choose.. I thought that we're running out of time. For the last 1hour, we sang 'ETERNITY' more than 12times!! Hahahah.. Actually, I love VIXX song, most of it is 'VOODOO DOLL' and +yunnielotus17 like 'Rock Ur Body' song just because Leo looks cute.. Hahahahah!! Both of we had a same feeling, we starting to be an ELF until she had becoming a STARLIGHT, we are still friend.. Altough she loves Leo and I like Ravi's rapping, we are still friend. ^_____^ Anyway, when we sing 'ETERNITY', I hear +yunnielotus17 voice similar with Hyuk.. For many times she sang and I just can say, HER VOICE SAME AS HYUK!! XD I also can't belive myself that I can sing Leo and Ken's High-Note.. +yunnielotus17 said to me, "Are you singing or azan?" XD Imagine it, you sing Ken's High-Note from last corus until 'yeowonan kkumsogeuro' on 'ETERNITY' song.. Woooo~~~ Nyanyi sampai sumbang.. XP My troat unfeeling well now.. Hahahahah~~~ But yesterday is the best day for me and +yunnielotus17, hope we can meet again.. Amin.. ^___^ Anyway, If you guys out there want to karoke but nobody want to join you karoke, I can join you guys and 'karoke sampai sumbang'.. HAHAHAH.. I'm kidding.. XD


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