Quiz #122 What's Your Writing Strength?

ohh, there's a newly posted quiz...n an interesting one since it's involves writing...lately there are many demotivated writers...so why not boost some of your own self esteem(since silent readers ain't gonna care to help 'ya at that) n find out your strength so called...


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          Your Writing Strength is Imagination



        You have an amazing mind, and the things you think up are extremely original.

You love to daydream, and your inner worlds can get quite complex. You see characters and stories very vividly.

You're the type of person who can write half a novel in your head. You aren't constrained by reality or expectations.

Anything you write will be unlike what has come before. Even if it's excellent, it may shock and confuse people at first.


^ hmm...not sure bout this...but...the part confuse people...yeah....i'm only good at that...confusing people....T^T...n uhm, i can write the whole novel in my head n even the prequel n sequel...lol....but what's the point if i still struggle to put it in words? anyway, since i like the result...i'll just assume it's true...lol...i have a feeling/instinct many will get this result anyway(even if looking at other results, i can see more of those traits in many fics)...so...yeah...let's see...



other results:



          Your Writing Strength is Observation



        Your writing often reads like really good non-fiction. You have a strong handle on the real world.

You understand current events and history well. You also know what makes people tick.

You can bring any idea or event to life, and you like to flesh out all the details. Your writing feels very real to readers.

For you, it is all about every little aspect of a story. Your readers are often delighted to see how well you wrap everything together in the end.




          Your Writing Strength is Sensitivity



        You relate to people, especially characters, extremely well. You can live a life through someone else's eyes.

People often ask you if your writing is based on personal experience. You write as though something has happened to you.

Your characters tend to be the most beloved, and your stories are very engrossing. You make readers care about what you write about.

Human interaction and relationships are very interesting to you. You focus on character development more than anything else.




          Your Writing Strength is Wordsmanship



        You are a master when it comes to words. Everything you write ends up very lyrical but readable.

You tend to think in phrases, and it's important for you to jot them down as soon as they come. You can fill in the rest later.

You're the type of writer who can struggle for hours to find the exact right word. And your readers appreciate how well you hone your craft.

For you, how you write is as important as what you write about. You may still be very concise, but every word is carefully chosen.





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