Since I'm having a writer's block in writing my next chapters from my fics... I'm thinking of writing We Got Married episodes first.... I am open for suggestions on which pairs to include... Just give me some time to research and study the people you want me to pair with... Well of course I have a couple of pairings in mind already

1. Daragon 

2. SunSky

3. TopBom

4. DaraHae

5. ChanDara

6. Kris (EXO) Chaerin

7. Woobin - ????? (ok so I was thinking about Krystal but I was thinking about Minzy too)

8. Lee Soohyuk Lee Chaerin

9. Lee Soohyuk ?????

10. Top Bora 

11. Daesung Hyorin

12. Yongbae ?????

13. Top Jessica(GG

14. GD Krystal (Ok sorry but aside from 2ne1 girls no one else can pop into my head but hey I'm open for some challenge =) 

15. GD ??????

16. Seungri Krystal

17. Seungri Chaerin

18. Seungri ????

19. Seungri Hyorin

20. Seungri ????

21. Kyuhun ????

22. Eunhyuk ????

23. Siwon ????

24. Jay Park ??? ( I'm not sure though if he has or hasn't been on WGM)



Ok so far these are the celebrities that I was thinking of... I was thinking of 2PM but almost all of them have gone through WGM and I don't want to write about idols who have joined already.  But I'll still think about it... do please comment the people you want to suggest well =) 

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