Quiz #108 What Makes You Adorable?

Bcuz i'm not adorable so this makes me curious...lol.

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since this is image quiz...i'll just post the wordings...post your full results if you get different one...xD

Your Intensity Makes You Adorable
The face you present to the world is one of determination, passion, and depth. You aren't fooling around!
You give everyone and everything your all. You go all in because you feel like something worth doing shouldn't be done halfway.

On the inside, you are less intense than you seem. You can truly be yourself and savor the smaller things when you're alone.
And while you can have a larger than life persona, you really cherish your introvert time. You need it to recharge.

Your friends love your intensity because you are never dull or uninspired. There is so much that can be learned from you.
You are always discovering new passions and and obsessions. And you can't help but tell everyone you know about them!

hmm, not sure....kind of? except that i'm dull...lol. 

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