I need some input please :)

So I've been tinkering with a fic idea and I was wondering if you guys would help me with a little aspect. This probably won't even be started for a while but I wanted an opinion of what you think of the plot and one key mechanic. 

I dont have a group or groups or anything like that in mind yet but ill take suggestions for that too.

But the main plot is a college psychology class has to participate in an experiment as thier final to pass the class. The class will be split into boys and girls and they will spend 2 months together in a house. Separate houses that is. One for boys one for the girls. Ill probably focused on the boys group though since I don't really know girl groups quite like that.

But anywho at the beginning the way to pass is everyone has to submit a secret that no one knows to the teacher. One no one else knows but that they would be willing to have found out. Then once at the house secrets are put out in the open and your end grade is graded on how many secrets you successfully pair with another person.

So for two months it would a house full of guys trying to find out which secret goes with who. 

I really like the idea really. The problem is I cant think of any real life secrets that could apply. And since its a serious test for a college class they cant be stupid little petty secrets like im scared of spiders. They have to be a bit deeper you know. Something worthy of a psychology major.

Soooo if you would be willing to help with some potential secrets I would really appreciate it :)

Oh course any secrets I do use I will give full credit to its giver and give a shout out in the forward with my thanks. I mean thats only right, right?


But yea..I was actually thinking of making it a ToppDogg fic. There arent many out there and I adore ToppDogg. 

But I hope you'll help me out. Thanks in advance.! Saranghae.!

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