Curvy girls and skinny girls?

People will sometimes go to extremes to be super thin, when they should be focusing on a healthy lifestyle and healthier ways of losing weight. Though, it upsets me that most of these 'body positive' messages that are targeted towards heavier people are also shamming skinnier people. Naturally, skinny people often lead very healthy lifestyles, and some can't gain weight no matter what they eat. As much as I hate to see people shamming heavier people, I am also extremely upset to see people shamming thin people. How one can go from saying everyone is beautiful to saying thin people are "bags of bones" or "skeletons" is beyond me. Why get upset about people rejecting a certain body type, and then turn it around to reject thin people? Instead of focusing on body positive messages towards a certain body type, I would like to see more body positive messages targeting everyone and all body types. The message I see in our society are that skinny bodies are the ideal, however what I see online is that curvy bodies are ideal. What I want to see is balance, a happy medium, where all body types are accepted as beautiful. Skinny people are just as beautiful as curvier or heavier people.  When making people feel better about "flaws", shape, size and other things, It would be best to say "_____is good, but _______ is also good." It's better to make both sides feel good about themselves, rather than shamming one side to make the other feel bad.

Skinny is beautiful. Average is beautiful. Curvier/heavier is beautiful.


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iheart2ne1dara #1
As long as someone is healthy then it's okay. Some people are curvy but healthy, some are skinny but healthy and some are average and healthy. ^^ I respect everyone with everybody size
BeautyIsPain #2
Great perspective! I agree with you; instead of body positivity for just one type, we should encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. It doesn't matter if one is skinny, curvy, heavy set, average, big s, no s, big , no , etc.. The only thing that matters is that the person is healthy and happy with their own body. Sadly though, people often put down one thing in order to make the other seem better. There will always be that fat vs. skinny, curvy vs. straight up and down, dynamic.
in a perfect world there wouldn't be a need for all this. in a perfect world each person would be able to have their own preferences and respect other people's body types. in a perfect world people wouldn't have eating disorders and body sizes wouldn't be shamed. sadly the majority of the earth's population is full of turds so that is not something that's going to change any time soon.