Vixx anniversary!

OMG 2 YEARS ALREADY?! okay so I didn't really get into Vixx until less than a week ago but when I stumbled into them I fell and Ifell hard. I have always been a Ukiss. I found them during their debut in 2008 and I have held Dongho as my ultimate bias for just as long. But with Dongho stepping out of the spotlight and Ukiss's last Korean album being kinda sub-par for what I've come to expect Vixx has come to try and take over. Ravi is fighting Dongho for UB and my inner KissMe wants to drown my growing Starlight in a toilet. FML. I'm so happy to love these boys though. Happy 2 years Vixx. Stay strong.


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syupeo_choedae #1
Haha Vixx will ruin your bias list so badly! I figured that out the hard way last year!