Kris Is Leaving EXO & SM Entertainment??????




Okay, so I just woke up this morning, & I heard that Kris is leaving Exo & SM Entertainment. People are saying all of Exo unfollowed Kris on Instagram & Weibo. I am so confused right now! I really don't understand what's happening. I don't know why he's leaving! Some people are saying it has to do with his contract, some people are saying he wants to leave for personal reasons. I'm just honestly in shock right now because, this is so unexpected. Overdose was just realeased eight days ago! EIGHT DAYS & now they're talking about Kris leaving??!? WHY? WHY WHY WHY?  I feel like it's way too soon for him to leave. He shouldn't have to leave at all unless it's his decision! If he's stressed out and feels under pressure then, I think he should take a break from Exo. But, if this is because, of SM I'm really angry. It's just not fair! I mean if Exo unfollowed him that really means he's leaving, right? I don't know...I hope he doesn't go. But, if it for something personal that he needs to deal with in his life I understand. I just want them all to be happy but, it won't be the same.

All I know is if this is all true and not just rumors Exo fans around the world are crying their eyes out and fighting with each other. Here's a hug.




Even if Kris leaves. I'll still continue supporting him & Exo because, I love them ^_^ <3 & come on they're perf.


For all of you that are sad and crying. Just keep smiling & try to be happy. :)

We all don't really know what's happening right now because, we aren't in his shoes. We're not in his brain so we don't know what he's feeling. He could have some personal things he wants to deal with or he could have had a contract with SM Entertainment that finished. Whatever the reason don't believe all of the rumors you hear unless Kris or one of the boys come out saying it. We have to be understanding and kind. And please stop attacking Kris saying how you're so angry at him. He was suppose to do this and that. Kris doesn't have to do anything. He's entertained us, made us smile, cry, & laugh. But, he does have a life of his own to live. He wasn't put on this Earth to live for us but, he was nice enough to show his talent to all of us & keep us happy. So please, whatever happens just support Exo M & Exo K. We can get through this. :)

You better not be rude to him or any of the people in this Fandom...I'm watching you.












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