Can someone please tell me if I'm overreacting or if you guys feel this way too. 

I don't know why but I'm losing motivation to write or update anything. I have so many ideas and stories I want to share but whenever I post something I don't get any feedback. So I'm beginning to wonder why... Am I a horrible writer or something? Do I make y tutorials? A comment about how the felt about the update would be nice... I don't know. It's really disheartening when you don't have any idea how your story/shop is doing... *sighs* I've never been picky with comments and I never required an amount of comments before I update or anything.. I dunno... I feel like I"m losing it.


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I get it all the time.... alot of people are just reading and not leaving feedback and sometimes I think people aren't really reading any fics on AFF because I've seen people subscribe to my DaraHae fics recklessly, KC.

But don't worry about comments and such. Just go by the thing I do which is.... you're not writing the fic for anyone but yourself. As the writer... you're writing it for yourself rather than writing it for the readers. That way you aren't pressured or feel obliged to update and you're able to let the ideas flow to you. People lose motivation to write all the time but if you keep it so you're just writing for yourself and you just happen to share the fic with those on AFF... you're able to just motivate yourself