'Spotted' ex-friend.. ㅠㅠㅡㅠㅠ

Ahhhh~~~!! I'm really in depress.. An hour ago, when I open my twitter then, ADA BUDAK RETWEET TWEET NATE BEROK TU!! I mean, someone retweet the tweets from the ex-friend.. The tweet says "AKU NAK JUAL BUKU PASAL SS5 YANG AKU BELI TAPI AKU JUAL RM10..". It means, he want to sell his book that he buy it 7months ago.. Sounds like 'binawei punya mamat',, but since he's not an ELF anymore, he want to do enything to furgot SJ & fanboying with his favourite newbie group.. I will not said the name because it could be a fanwar someday.. But seriously, sell it?! I AM AN ELF WEH!! Why you not put your luxury SJ mercendise on the box and leave it at my door house so I can keep it??! Oh ya,, I've furgot we are not friends since 'Disband' story.. Haish!! He have Super Show CD Collection.. ㅠㅠㅡㅠㅠ (FloodTears) Mybe it's okay, at least he sell it and not burn it.. LANTAK KAU LA NATE BEROK, JANJI KAU BAHAGIA.. TRIMAS BUAT AKU JADI MACAM NI!!! -____-9


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