Jongyu feeeeeels

im getting a lot of jongyu feels.


Like fluffy cuddly Jongyu under a mountain of covers in a little tent they made together one cold winter afternoon they were both off.


or bubble bath where Jinki draws things on Jonghyun’s chest with the bubbles he’s collected in front of him.


or slow dancing at 3 in the morning because Jonghyun’s insomnia acted up again, and he wasn’t there to calm Jinki down when he had a nightmare, and swaying as they danced slowly all tight together relax them both enough to go to sleep again.


or having girl group songs playing around the house as they chase each other in their socks, Jinki wearing a huge shirt only and Jonghyun in his boxers, both belting out the song that’s playing as they giggle and run around the kitchen isle and into the bedroom to do the same to the bed. 




just Jongyu

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