Shila Amzah-MAMA (I am a singer 2 finale)


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Loveeeeeee it.
Thnx 4 the link.
This is actually her first attempt to dance and singing in the same time.That's why you can see that her voice can't reach the notes perfectly. But,over all i think she did a good performance and this time she's eventually went out from her comfortzone which is 'ballad'. EXO was her fav. group too. As long as she's happy performing this , we #shilalas will be happy for her too. I personally think if she did cover Miracles In December,it would be awesome (since no need to dance) but it was in category ballad. So,here it is,the other side of shila. I'm sure if she's practice dancing more n more,she can upgraded n be able to sing while dancing without felt tired.