New co-author story ^^

It's been a while since I've accepted to be a co-author and I've decided to do it again for my best friend! :D It's her first fic so please do support her ^^


Time Waits For No One

She is not a monster. She is just going to die soon.

He is not quiet. He just does not want people to know he is going blind.

Two people who are trying to live the best as they can but are being shunned away from the world.

Meeting each other only gave them more strength to keep fighting.

But time waits for no one.


"Time is very slow for those who wait;

very fast for those who are scared;

very long for those who lament;

very short for those who celebrate;

but for those who love, time is eternal."

-William Shakespeare


See you there! :P


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[deactivated] #1
Ne!! Hwaiting for the both of you!!
Hwaiting!!! Ill read it!^^
I thought you are busy kkk but I'm waiting for it anyway, unnie!! Good luckkk! ;)